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  1. Hydna

    en41 - Why City Population is not returning after CS+++ has landed and New city is founded and running ?

    Is this ok now? If not please raise a support ticket and I can help you.
  2. Hydna

    Grepolis Christmas Challenges 2021

    Greetings Warriors of Grepolis, Starting tomorrow in our competition thread we will have 8 competitions roughly every 3 days with the last one finishing on 24th December. You can win gold for each competition in the normal way but this year, in addition, all the points will also count towards a...
  3. Hydna

    Pre-World Andros Discussion Thread

    Andros is now open. Good Luck!
  4. Hydna

    New World Andros

    Andros is now open. Good Luck.
  5. Hydna

    DevBlog: World Wonders Rebalancing

    In this year’s Community Preview, we announced our intention to make some balancing changes to World Wonders and Olympus. For details on the proposed World Wonder Changes please refer to our latest Devblog. Please comment on the Devblog at the end where indicated if you wish to leave feedback...
  6. Hydna

    Closed Grepolis Riddles

    Now for the correct answers: 1. Artemis is off hunting bats. She has a bow and a quiver full of arrows. She finds a likely cave and starts shooting bats. She is highly accurate only missing 2. If she shoots an arrow at 12.00 and continues every minute for an hour until 13.00 how many bats has...
  7. Hydna

    Closed Grepolis Riddles

    Well done to everyone who participated here. We had 7 players who achieved 10 and 2 who managed 9 so to be completely fair I have taken the top 7 prizes and divided by 7 and then rounded up to the nearest 100. This gives all 1200 and then the 2 with 9 I gave 1000. Players with 10 - 1200 gold...
  8. Hydna

    Closed Grepolis Riddles

    Some great answers here but I don't think anyone has them all so everything to play for. There are no mirrors at the top of Olympus. Clue: Think outside the box :)
  9. Hydna

    Closed Grepolis Riddles

    Solve the riddles to win Gold. There are 10 riddles here. Work out the answers and post below. Your answers will vanish but we can see them. If you wish to confirm they are there just message me. Prizes: 2500 1500 1000 6 x 750 Prizes will be awarded to those who get the most answers right...
  10. Hydna

    Guide Shuri2060's Timing Guide

    I am not permitted to provide any data from our tools, nor am I permitted to reveal any of the methods we use to detect rule breaking, as this would only serve to help rule breakers cheat more effectively in the future. This is a discussion that is not related to this thread and more appropriate...
  11. Hydna

    Guide Shuri2060's Timing Guide

    Timing is a skill. If you time with the attack planner without any add on scripts there will not be an issue. Countless players will testify to this. Others reporting you or lots of good results are not an issue.
  12. Hydna

    Wish List Fandom Page For Winning Factions

    That's a great idea if you want to start one. You can do this yourself and use the Acropolis tab for something that relates to all Dom worlds.
  13. Hydna

    Buff Weekend Schedule

    Boost weekends are running roughly twice per month for the first 4 months in this world. To help you all plan ahead, and know what to expect, below you'll find the schedule for world boosts for Smyrna. Details were posted in the Community Announcements section but I thought it would help to have...
  14. Hydna

    Trapezus Pre-World Discussion Thread

    This world is now open - have fun!
  15. Hydna

    Trapezus Pre-World Discussion Thread

    We are working on improving Olympus and there will be a new world when that is complete.
  16. Hydna

    Closed Smash the Amphorae

    Competition closed. Winning combinations. When all 750 prizes were won I counted those boxes as empty as specified in my previous post. For 500 prizes I was a bit slow this weekend and failed to update so there are a couple of extra ones and these I will just award since the lack of a post was...
  17. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    You start at level 17 for Zeus'Spark but at level 9 for the Cornucopia. They are strong at the higher levels. This is why we need your feedback now and as these worlds are rolled out. Realistically if you have a dom win so start at level 9 for the Warehouse then the absolute minimum you need is...
  18. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    Yes this is the calculation based on 30 x 1.2%. I get the same. At level 9 for those who have the current Cornucopia the new limit is 34000.
  19. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    Please add any comments or questions you may have about the new artifact overhaul system. To view the artifacts you currently have go to your temple and select artifacts from the scroll bar at the top.
  20. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul

    Hello players! As mentioned in our Community Preview earlier this year, this year we've been working on an overhaul of our Artifacts system. The overhaul includes changes to the way artifacts work by adding a level system, decoupling each artifact from specific endgames, as well as adding 3 new...