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  1. Hydna

    Grepolis Christmas Challenges 2021

    Greetings Warriors of Grepolis, Starting tomorrow in our competition thread we will have 8 competitions roughly every 3 days with the last one finishing on 24th December. You can win gold for each competition in the normal way but this year, in addition, all the points will also count towards a...
  2. Hydna

    DevBlog: World Wonders Rebalancing

    In this year’s Community Preview, we announced our intention to make some balancing changes to World Wonders and Olympus. For details on the proposed World Wonder Changes please refer to our latest Devblog. Please comment on the Devblog at the end where indicated if you wish to leave feedback...
  3. Hydna

    Closed Grepolis Riddles

    Solve the riddles to win Gold. There are 10 riddles here. Work out the answers and post below. Your answers will vanish but we can see them. If you wish to confirm they are there just message me. Prizes: 2500 1500 1000 6 x 750 Prizes will be awarded to those who get the most answers right...
  4. Hydna

    Buff Weekend Schedule

    Boost weekends are running roughly twice per month for the first 4 months in this world. To help you all plan ahead, and know what to expect, below you'll find the schedule for world boosts for Smyrna. Details were posted in the Community Announcements section but I thought it would help to have...
  5. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    Please add any comments or questions you may have about the new artifact overhaul system. To view the artifacts you currently have go to your temple and select artifacts from the scroll bar at the top.
  6. Hydna

    Artifact Overhaul

    Hello players! As mentioned in our Community Preview earlier this year, this year we've been working on an overhaul of our Artifacts system. The overhaul includes changes to the way artifacts work by adding a level system, decoupling each artifact from specific endgames, as well as adding 3 new...
  7. Hydna

    Closed Smash the Amphorae

    Competition - Smash the Amphorae PRIZES Gold - 1000 x 1 Gold 750 x 4 Gold 500 x 10 Plus one Griff II to a player chosen at random who participates 5 times but does not win. How to play There are 20 Amphorae here and most contain gold in varying amounts (although there are a few empty ones)...
  8. Hydna

    Pandora's Box feedback thread.

    On September 21st Pandora's Box returns! Please post any questions or feedback about the event in this thread.
  9. Hydna

    Pandora's Box

    On one fateful day, as dawn breaks, an ominous box lies in front of the temple. The High Priestess kneels next to it, in tears. She prays to the gods to hear her call and help her rid the world of this foul artifact, lest the evil spirits which lie within may torment the citizens. As her prayer...
  10. Hydna

    Treasure Troves: Conquer a Mod!

    Greetings Warriors of Smyrna, I bring tidings that may interest you. Nestled somewhere along your sandy shores are 2 cities full of treasure. These cities are being built by your moderators. Seek out our Forum clues, find our treasure troves and conquer them for yourselves. Prizes: 2...
  11. Hydna

    Closed Spells and Rituals

    Greetings Players, This month we have a very easy competition. All you have to do is first correctly identify which god is responsible for which spell (if you are unsure just check your temples) and then identify which spell is needed to activate some rituals. Call of the Ocean Bloodlust...
  12. Hydna

    Update to version 2.242 discussion thread

    On Wednesday the game will be updated to version 2.242. Feel free to post any questions or feedback about the update in this thread.
  13. Hydna

    Update to version 2.242

    Changelog 2.242 Dear Community, On Wednesday 7th July Grepolis will be updated to version 2.242. As always there will be a brief downtime while the update is applied. New Features and Changes We've added the option to sort commands in the commands overview by origin and destination town...
  14. Hydna

    Nerfing a deity - Ares Rebalancing

    Dear Players, Over the course of the current sprint (2.243), we’ll be making our first batch of rebalancing changes to Ares. These changes are in response to Community feedback since Ares’ release, and we’re hoping, should address the areas where Ares is overpowered as a God. The intention of...
  15. Hydna

    Closed Which Artifact...?

    Which Artifact……….. Which artifact will help me in the following 8 scenarios? List all artifacts that will assist in each case: 1. Casting seastorms. 2. Attacking the city next door with slingers and Medea. 3. Levelling Heracles 4. Building Mantis. 5. Building Lightships in a city with...
  16. Hydna

    Buff Weekend. Sorry for the recent Issues.

    We apologise for all the recent issues with the app alarm, difficulties logging in and inconvenience caused by problems with the daily login bonus. Since fairly finding who was impacted would be difficult if not impossible, as a gesture of goodwill, we will run some boosts this weekend for all...
  17. Hydna

    Closed Ares Maths Challenge

    Answer the following questions and discover the mathematical value of the all units to find the answer. Prizes - 2 x 1500 Gold 5 x 1000 Gold If there are more than 7 with the correct answer then the winners will be chosen at random. I might also have a few extra questions at the weekend so...
  18. Hydna

    Closed Poseidon’s Lottery - Crack the Hydra Eggs

    Our Hydra has laid 13 eggs. To take part in the lottery choose 4 eggs and then select 1 additional Bonus Number from those in the line below to make 5 numbers in total. Write these numbers as your answer. The correct answer is already known. For example 1,2,3,4, 21. Prizes - maximum prize...
  19. Hydna

    Closed Zeus' Maze

    Zeus'Maze Zeus is trapped in the Maze. To free him find the route through from top to bottom. Letters found on the route spell the name of another god - which one? Don't be sidetracked by extra letters....... Post your answers below. Prizes 5 x 1000 Gold chosen at random if there are more...
  20. Hydna

    Aphrodite - Design Challenges and Discussion

    Hello players, Our Team Lead Software Developer, Marco, has written a new post on our devblog. This blog entry is dedicated to discussing Aphrodite, as well as taking a closer look at some of the technical and design challenges the development team encountered in adding new gods to our game...