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  1. Newspaper Imbros Chronicles Issue Five

    very good read! keep it up! :)
  2. We want a new server (Please)

    Yes support this too. :)
  3. The Future of Hero Worlds Discussion Thread

    I've played grepo for a good few years and I do not like this endgame of WWs at all. I do agree with some of the comments here and so will not repeat what has already been said. To draw a little interest from players who likes the WWs in hero worlds then why don't innogames apply it each...
  4. Pnp League of Legions

    Toria - I think you are right... :D Joseph Nieves - I'm sure they will pop up again somewhere in this thread, bud! ;) :D Then you can have them for breakfast again! Hagop abroumian - Faster than you think :eek: :o ;) Hold on to your seat dude! :D
  5. Pnp League of Legions

    Oh yes! lol... Cruisin' for a bruisin'!!! I spy with my little eye something beginning with W... and has a 'R' at the end and also an 'A' squash between. What could it be I wonder??? Hmm... ;) ;) :D
  6. Pnp League of Legions

    Some dude in League of legions had sent me a message >>> NSNR CABOOSE today at 09:11 Hello. Seeing as your alliance only has a few people and we are pacted it would be best if you and your people join us. Ill send the invites now. Notify your people so they know to accept the invite...
  7. Alliance forum

    :( Please please please (and many more pleases to follow!) can you fix these sigma problems! Thanking you in advance! So I can get on with my Happy Gaming!!! ;)
  8. A plethora of things wrong

    That sounds like Sigma to me! Having roughly the same problems! :( :( Please please please (and many more pleases to follow!) can you fix these sigma problems! Thanking you in advance! So I can get on with my Happy Gaming!!! ;)
  9. Alliance forum

    Yeah, me also struggling with this. A problem with this on Sigma! Please can somebody fix this! :(
  10. Passed City profiles

    I agree bianh. Though the victors can't erase the previous entries and it should automatically say conquerer/alliance/date.
  11. Passed City profiles

    Tyroncs - that would be great if you see a city pass thru many players hands. It would be great if they added a date/events to it as well so you see the time span of the city involved. It would be good if you could see the alliances too. Something like - Athens founded by Alfred / Ye Owd...
  12. Passed Spying Changes

    Top stuff!!! I really like this idea. 10 out of 10 for your brain work! lol! :)
  13. Passed Alliance Forum Access Levels

    I think it's a absolutely fantastic idea. This would really help with sorting our alliances out. Let's get this on now!!! :) Brilltastic Brainwaves!!! lol! :) :D
  14. Passed New Building : Arena + Gladiators

    I agree! This is a great idea but it will detract from what is meant to be a Greek game!!! Maybe you should change it to be the Ancient Olympic games! Btw is there a roman game?
  15. Passed Alliance Warehouse

    A few questions on this Alliance Warehouse: 1) Would there be an appointed treasurer to look after it? 2) Will it be defensible? 3) What about having an Alliance Citadel where the alliance warehouse is stored? Like a Capital city? There, you could put your lootings, etc and share them...