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  1. Thracian Brain Fart

    I would like to congratulate Grepo for the bonus on battlefield #32. 34,500 stone.....words escape me.
  2. Potusek bannable now?

    Could a mod please comment and or announce grepo's position on potusek? There seems to be some evidence that using the new version is now bannable.
  3. Dead Server

    Kill it. Was fun for most of the time. Might see you on the next revolt 3, but this server needs to die.
  4. Discussion Island Quests = unbalance

    these island quests will really unbalance the game, especially at WW. The mods want more offense, so do I. But it take 30-50 cities to attack 1 person in late game. I have 5 +30% defense in 2 days already. add those to a WW guys turtled this game to the extreme. The balance...