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  1. Proposal Points

    You can minimize further by applying 20% rule to alliances with shared forums. There are no perfect solutions, keep grinding things to make it harder and harder. Else players will keep finding smarter ways. Dev should keep progressing on trying new things as the meta evolves. Oh right I...
  2. Worst world start to date?

    The Gold trading premades are dropping as usual.
  3. New world Georgious discussion thread.

    I cant see a Speed 5 or Speed 6, I think we are way due for that more than Speed 2. So... not sure what you on about.
  4. New world Georgious discussion thread.

    OK 3/3 or 5/5 then EN 141 is 2/2 CQ so your logic doesnt add up. EN 141 and EN 143 will finish the same time.
  5. New world Georgious discussion thread.

    Many players were excited for Olympus. 2/2 is such a turn off. Need 4/4
  6. ls

    I guess the only way to time a lot of ress at a time with few secs apart to queue up would be to go ape in the market. I wouldn't be surprised if GA + Nerieds + Aristotle was involved.
  7. top 12 sink or swim

    A good Top 12 to read after a long time :) Well done you
  8. Trash Talk

    Oh didnt know
  9. Trash Talk

    Check Grepodata, it shows based on CS landing time, so even if the player is kicked it should be tracked.
  10. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    Been a while since we had Speed 1. Me likey
  11. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    If you really wanna do this cap thing, do it 15 man ally cap and dom score needed to start with 25%. I don't think there would be big difference between 25 and 40 with the same dom score. By doing 15 man alliances you will effectively force the premade teams to split up and compete with each...
  12. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    Its been a while since Speed 1 was released. I demand a speed 1 revolt
  13. timing with atalanta and sirens

    I think it is the same with Nerids Buff + Aritotle too.
  14. Long term support

    Yo man - Skyping you over the weekend.
  15. Top 5 & World Prediction

    Mamas Golden Victims will be Dominate this server. Mamasan to spank everyone else!
  16. Feedback for Community Preview 2022.

    Evolutionary Changes. Not Revolutionary changes. I think this game needs revolutionary changes to come out of the slump.
  17. Top 12

    My Bllood is green so can I lead ?
  18. Top 12

    Mama Rabbits Gold will rim every other alliance there is in this world. We coming for you. Keep the carrots ready.
  19. TKF's Alliance Power Rankings Edition Four: Just For Laughs Drops, Hugs/Slap Drops, Smoking Snakes Surge, Watchers Rise, A New #1 Emerges

    Yes I can confirm this. It was few hours into the siege. Before we can take any action on it, player ghosted. S*** happens. Good on the twisted guys to put him on siege.