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  1. top 12 sink or swim

    We consolidating, were to leniant. Happens. But you are also a Charlie led alliance, we dont have to do much for long before you all implode.
  2. top 12 sink or swim

    As laughable as this claim is, its kinda hard not to scew it this way considering most of your alliance is semi-active.
  3. top 12 sink or swim

    Well this was a lie
  4. New world Georgious discussion thread.

    Since out of all things possible this was mentioned for some reason, for the love of God do not try a night bonus world, that is the single worst idea I heard in a long time. Might as well make it one of those ones where you cant lose a city and put the speed at 1 so some rando can boast about...
  5. top 12 sink or swim

    Thanks mate, ngl, when adding in the warscores and doing everything it did up taking quite some more time then I originally expected this list to take lol
  6. top 12 sink or swim

    And here goes another completely random and uncalled for "Pete Top 12" that happens as said, randomly and usually the creator CBA to do it again. Please note, if you get offended, sorry about that. Just kidding of course, couldnt give a funzzy about whether you do or dont just read the TOP12...
  7. Trash Talk

    And too add to this, to help you visualize, here is our pact and enemies list of the world:
  8. Trash Talk

    Again, the most simple of concepts seem to elude you all at all times. We have 0 diplomacy with anybody. 0. Damn, we didnt even ally our branch alliance, they are just brown on the map. Also, not to flatter yourself too much either, the fact that we would break JFL sieges is not a hugging...
  9. Alliance Diplomacy

    @Kosti we can continue the discussion if you wish, as I said, I wont be replying to the one man circus anymore.
  10. Alliance Diplomacy

    In case you didnt know and in the off chance he doesnt do anything similar vice versa @Kosti , Charles does send out a crying MM out to all the other alliances once he sieges someone. something like "please help, I have no one to play with, look I did this, please send me some support, I can...
  11. Alliance Diplomacy

    The one and only time I will reply to you actually. Since that is what you are begging for. Some attention, somebody to talk with you or even a remote wish to play with you until they know you. Keep sending MMs, always give me a good laugh. I said it to the kaiokai dude as well, I was at the...
  12. Alliance Diplomacy

    and Charlie only ever plays as JFL, so I am guessing we cant doubt his honor or integrity either?
  13. Alliance Diplomacy

    Im not sure I quite know you, but from everything I heard from people around, from various alliances and past worlds, people doubt your integrity, honor and intelligence. I am not one to go by hearsay or assumptions (I even gave Charlie a chance even tho as everyone I have regreted it) but you...
  14. Alliance Diplomacy

    So we dropped a spammer, he left so you know consider spamming okay? why dont you read that again. slowly. Since by doing that, to any person not spamming, you made yourself spam targets and not even on the right side of the issue. Doesnt really apply to me per say, as I wont spam, would...
  15. Alliance Diplomacy

    Actually no, I was not in the WC the entire time, since I left it pretty early on and only joined back a few days ago. Also barely ever read it. That being said, I dont know what you guys do, and what kinda think tank or rather bubble you have over there but we dont all have to agree on...
  16. Alliance Diplomacy

    And Buckie got what he deserved right? He aint around. Just dont see how exactly you are trying to sound better then him while spamming at the same time? But I see you like the idea of something as spam not existing cos it reinforces your playstyle as I mentioned above.
  17. Alliance Diplomacy

    This is not really how it went down, since again, we all been over this like 10 times by now. things havent been communicated well, but not everything said was true either. It did also end up with one of your guys telling Mik he or you was gonna work with Charlie to get him and "his cronies"
  18. Alliance Diplomacy

    the one NAP that has Rabbits helping our your sieges both ways? strange NAPs these days. Also, Im not talking about Mik or TKF, I had spam from a few of your players everytime they get cleared, which for some of them is a nightly occurance.
  19. Alliance Diplomacy

    this? Also, you have the high and mighty attitude from the start of the world even tho you allied half the world and spam us.
  20. Alliance Diplomacy

    And you have examples of me attacking? I would like to see those reports. Im just saying being all high an mighty but resorting to Spam attacks as soon as getting cleared doesnt really hold up to those standards.