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  1. Not a Bug Quests

    The quest may say 'the mood of the village will fall by 5% per hour for the next 5 hours', but in fact, I'm losing literally 95% in two hours.. Is this a glitch, or a major malfunction..? This is on Imbros.
  2. Gold, and how it's ruining the game

    This may be on it's way to being a chestnut.. but gold is destroying the Game. While I'm well aware that Inno must make a profit, and costs are generally on the increase, but they've gone too far. The Market used to be a useful tool in the development stages of the game.. but these days when...
  3. World Wonder constructions

    This is a topic of some contention on a world in which we've just begun the WW construction phase. Let's say Alliance X has islands it controls, and has started building. Alliance Y has volunteered to help, by a rather complicated system wherein the players leave Alliance Y, join Alliance X and...
  4. Pending Island windows

    There's a problem with Island windows.. I can't attack new farming villages.. nor can I use the Captain to collect from those already conquered.. Also, I can't trade with those villages already conquered.. the window won't let me increase amounts.. maximum trade 100 resources. This problem...