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  1. Richard

    Not goodbye, more like see you later!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in a quick note from me. A few weeks ago, I officially left the Grepolis International team as Community Manager. After 7 years with this community, I made the move to Hamburg to work full time for InnoGames last year in November 2018. As the months have passed...
  2. Richard

    New Endgame Concept - Devblog entry

    Hey guys, Our Game Desinger has written up some (rather lengthy) posts to introduce our concept for the next Endgame, currently called 'Temple Run' (working title, of course). You can check it out here: Please directly leave your comments and questions in...
  3. Richard

    Grepolis Needs You! Social Media Volunteers Wanted!

    Greetings! Our Social Media Team is looking for new volunteers willing to help our communities in the international page. Do you have a strong passion for Social Media & Grepolis and would you like become our team mate?! Then take your chance and click here to apply today. Take your time, read...
  4. Richard

    Nature's Wheel of Time Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, Help the Lady of the Forest out, and win some great prizes. Check out the full announcement here and let us know any feedback or questions below. Cheers, Richard
  5. Richard

    Nature's Wheel of Time

    The Nature’s Wheel of Time event is back! Are you brave enough to help master of time - Chronos? He needs your help to turn back time and bring back to life lady of the forest. If you manage to fulfill this quest, Nature shall reward you! Spin the Wheel of Time every day! Each spin gives you...
  6. Richard

    Small Hotfix for iOS devices

    Hey guys, Im happy to let you know that earlier today we pushed a small hotfix to address compatibility issues with using browsers (such as Safari) on iOS. The functionality was broken a few updates ago, and our developers have managed to restore functionality to this for these players...
  7. Richard

    Easter Peacetime 2019

    As we usually do, this Easter we will have a period of Peacetime on the International server. The peacetime will start April 20th at 18:00 server time and will end on April 22nd at 23:00 server time. Peacetime Rules If the world enters peace time alliances are not allowed to start Last stand...
  8. Richard

    Pre-World Side Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, This thread is for discussing the world opening on April 2nd, World Side. Check out the settings in the announcement. Thanks! Richard
  9. Richard

    New World Side (EN115)

    Dear Players, On April 2nd a new world Side will open its gates for battle. We invite you to join the wars on the world with the Domination endgame. World settings: Game speed: 4 Unit speed: 3 Trade speed: 3 Beginners protection: 5 Days Alliance limit: 45 Conquer system: Revolt City...
  10. Richard

    Winter Grepolympia

    Hey guys, This thread is for questions about our next event, Winter Grepolympia! Check out the full details on our announcement. Richard & Team
  11. Richard

    Winter Grepolympia

    Dear Community, Hear Nike's call, the goddess of victory is looking for the best athletes to participate in the winter edition of Grepolympia! From January 21st, 10:00am server time, until February 10th, you can participate in four different winter sports disciplines, with each challenge...
  12. Richard

    New Year. New World. You decide!

    Hello chaps, In the new year, we'll have a new world. The CM team would like to offer a couple of options for the vote. The settings already set are: - Morale: active - Beginners protection: 5 days - Alliance size: 60 - Conquest/Revolt time will be their usual defaults based on world speed...
  13. Richard

    Update to Version 2.177 Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, this thread is for discussing the upcoming update to version 2.177. Please leave any feedback or questions below!
  14. Richard

    Update to Version 2.177

    Changelog 2.177 Dear Community, On Wednesday November 28th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.177. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied. Summary This version brings a new feature, giving you the ability to be able to see when your alliance members are...
  15. Richard

    Forum posting disabled in this section

    I've disabled posting in this section for now, until myself or Baudin have had a chance to clean it up. If the posts start to spill over elsewhere, we will have to start handing out infractions. Richard
  16. Richard

    Update to Version 2.176 Discussion Thread

    On Wednesday the game will be updated to version 2.176. Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread.
  17. Richard

    Update to Version 2.176

    Changelog 2.176 Dear Community, On Wednesday November 14th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.176. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied. Summary This version brings a useful timer to World Wonder screens as well as a new hero with a special new ability...
  18. Richard

    New World Methone (EN111)

    Dear Players, On November 13th new world Methone will open its gates for battle. We invite you to join the wars on the world with the new Domination endgame. In this endgame, the alliances battle for world domination. To do that you will need to think strategically, and hammer your opponents...
  19. Richard

    Pre-World Methone Discussion Thread

    On November 13th EN111 will be opened. This will be the first EN Conquest world to start with the Domination endgame. The world will open sometime during German office hours on the 13th, we cannot get any more specific than that. Feel free to discuss the world in this thread. World settings...
  20. Richard

    Daylight Savings Fall 2018

    This Sunday most of Europe will be changing over to Winter time this includes our EN server. On Sunday morning, October 28th 2018, at 3 am the clock will go backwards to 2 am. This means that there will be 25 hours in the day. As usual, the game will not give any indication as to whether an...