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  1. Not a Bug Quests

    The quest may say 'the mood of the village will fall by 5% per hour for the next 5 hours', but in fact, I'm losing literally 95% in two hours.. Is this a glitch, or a major malfunction..? This is on Imbros.
  2. Easter Peace Time Vote

    As was posted above, Easter is a time for family.. I for one, won't even be at home for the holiday, and appreciate that others will be travelling as well.. There aren't many who would appreciate coming back and finding cities lost because they chose RL commitments before the Game.
  3. Quotes from Authors

    'Isn't it amazing how the appearance of some people at a gathering can lift spirits, and the same effect is found when some leave..' - Oscar Wilde
  4. Gold

    I didn't get that message.. Odd.. to say the least..
  5. Gold, and how it's ruining the game

    I don't think I could be what's called 'inactive' in any sense (unless, of course, RL throws a spanner in the works) and while I have indeed used gold to accelerate building.. and will continue to do so.. my original point remains.. gold is cheapening the game.. At least remove it from the...
  6. Gold, and how it's ruining the game

    Fact remains.. gold is ruining the game.. Skill in playing has been replaced by big spending.. New players are being routed out.. and maybe it's going to be 'buying a crown'. Bull.
  7. Gold, and how it's ruining the game

    This may be on it's way to being a chestnut.. but gold is destroying the Game. While I'm well aware that Inno must make a profit, and costs are generally on the increase, but they've gone too far. The Market used to be a useful tool in the development stages of the game.. but these days when...
  8. Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

    Signed. This use of gold, both in the initial stages of a game, and especially in the Market, have made the game somewhat ridiculous.
  9. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    Enough. Too many players buy themselves better odds.. no skill in opening a wallet..
  10. Inactive Topic Strict assignment of "World Winner" awards and crowns

    Having just gone through the World Wonder stage and winning Lapithos.. I was fortunate to have WWC's and earned the crown with my original alliance. Now, keeping agreements which were made when a merger was effected, we're rebuilding a wonder no other alliance really made an effort to complete...
  11. Discussion Converting Hero Coins

    Um, in which world is this option of converting coins from one to the other allowed..? Take Olynthus as an example. I had recruited all the wisdom hero's and had a huge amount of blue coins left. I didn't realize they could be converted, at any discount..
  12. Discussion daily reward

    I've always used the rule of thumb, where I took the resources if my camps were below lvl20, the favour if they're over that line. Of course it depends on the amount of favour your god(s) have already accumulated.
  13. 2.81 Discussion thread

    I rarely have time or inclination to post in the forums, but as one who has played this game for 4+ years (using a different handle for the first few..) I can say the game has intrinsically changed little. New graphics are cool.. they'll perhaps attract more of the new players to spend.. but...
  14. Meet the Alliance - The Usual Suspects

    Not much for posting in forums, as is evidenced by the rep I've gained.. Been playing for quite a while; just haven't been moved to express a point of view.. Can't argue with the evaluation of Coming Soon, having just been completely wiped out by a well planned and executed swarm of attacks...
  15. Warning - a player to avoid

    Have to agree with all you said. As a public service, the message is, avoid this player.
  16. World Wonder constructions

    I'm unhappy with the system which would allow accolades to be handed out by means which some would call 'devious'.. The whole ethos of the game is to build an alliance strong enough to prepare properly for the endgame, and loopholes such as this, only prolong the WW stage, and leaves many who...
  17. World Wonder constructions

    Thanks for the response. I don't think the membership of Alliance Y understands the process, or how much time it will take. If indeed, following demolition, Alliance X can rebuild before any other alliance does.
  18. World Wonder constructions

    This is a topic of some contention on a world in which we've just begun the WW construction phase. Let's say Alliance X has islands it controls, and has started building. Alliance Y has volunteered to help, by a rather complicated system wherein the players leave Alliance Y, join Alliance X and...
  19. 2.59 Discussion Thread

    Like the changes.. Keep up the good work folks!
  20. Pending Island windows

    Will do