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  1. Richard

    Not goodbye, more like see you later!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in a quick note from me. A few weeks ago, I officially left the Grepolis International team as Community Manager. After 7 years with this community, I made the move to Hamburg to work full time for InnoGames last year in November 2018. As the months have passed...
  2. Richard

    Aegean Battleships Feedback Thread

    Yes, Ammunition persists after the grid resets.
  3. Richard

    New Endgame Concept - Devblog entry

    Hey guys, Our Game Desinger has written up some (rather lengthy) posts to introduce our concept for the next Endgame, currently called 'Temple Run' (working title, of course). You can check it out here: Please directly leave your comments and questions in...
  4. Richard

    New World Dorylaion (en119)

    We have re-opened the world, thanks.
  5. Richard

    New World Dorylaion (en119)

    Hey guys, We are hoping to re-open the world around 15:00 (CEST) today after working on the issues causing the problems through the weekend. To answer a few questions: The world will not be reset Beginners protection will be extended by 2 days to compensate for lost time doing so. We will...
  6. Richard

    Cant log-in

    Hey! The speed settings have nothing to do with the issues, a number of other factors have caused the problems we're facing, not to do with the 3 starting cities or high speeds :) Cheers, Richard
  7. Richard

    New World Dorylaion (en119)

    Hey guys, I come bearing sad news regarding En119. We've found some pretty significant technical issues with not only the EN world, but all worlds opened this week across all markets. These technical difficulties mean we unfortunately will need to disable login and registration on all of our...
  8. Richard

    BUG Insane building time

    The issue with the configuration is now resolved, we apologize for the delay!
  9. Richard

    BUG Insane building time

    There is an issue with the game configurations, so we have temporarily disabled logins.
  10. Richard

    New World Dorylaion (en119)

    Hey guys, The world has been closed temporarily whilst we fix an issue with their configurations.
  11. Richard

    Grepolis Needs You! Social Media Volunteers Wanted!

    Greetings! Our Social Media Team is looking for new volunteers willing to help our communities in the international page. Do you have a strong passion for Social Media & Grepolis and would you like become our team mate?! Then take your chance and click here to apply today. Take your time, read...
  12. Richard

    Pre-World Dorylaion Discussion Thread

    This is actually being addressed before these worlds are released. Account deletion will be adjusted to work differently based on the number of starting cities.
  13. Richard

    Pre-World Chania Discussion Thread

    The world is open!
  14. Richard

    New World Chania (en118)

    The world is now open! See you on the battlefields!
  15. Richard

    Pre-World Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    World is open!
  16. Richard

    New World Amphipolis (en117)

    The new world is now open. Enjoy!
  17. Richard

    Update to Version 2.191 Discussion Thread

    The issues with the phone alarm are still outstanding, and are significantly more complex than merely a simple fix. If it were a simple fix, we would have already done so and hotfixed the issue. The fact we haven't isn't an indication we're ignoring the issue, but that it isn't straightforward...
  18. Richard

    Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread

    Well, the issue with the event was simply an error in the event being setup wrong, where actual bugs require significant code changes and work. The two aren't comparable. Also, small UI tweaks and improvements are often added to the game where we have time in a release to do so, whereas large...
  19. Richard

    Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread

    Found issue and fixed, thanks all for your swift report :)
  20. Richard

    Script GrepoData - Enemy City Indexer APPROVED

    Hello. First up, we don't currently have an approval process in place due to limitations on in house staff, so if a different server has approved a script, they haven't actually approved a script, as the approval process goes via our developers, not simply because a Community Manager says so...