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  1. Zarun-

    premium features broken

    Start posting the problems you spot so we can try and help them fix this. It's a big mess right now, I can see city groups are not working right either but I'm too tired to look into it.
  2. Zarun-

    not a bug report

    Got this dumb thing saying something about my forumg account being deleted. Don't care, too busy, will be back.
  3. Zarun-

    Feature Suggestion: Construction Notifications for Specific Cities

    In the endgame of a world you can have 100+ cities and be building them but not want all the finished construction notifications, except for smaller cities you are also working on. It would be good if we had an option to somehow enable the construction notifications for individual cities. This...
  4. Zarun-

    Whom it may concern

    This is to a certain person who I shall not name. Just stop. I was one of the few (if the only) council members who liked you, but now you are ruining that. We lost the world because Fiasco was a better team and we weren't. There were other factors which I won't get into here but that's how it...
  5. Zarun-

    possible bug - VM interferes with 175 city turning into anchor

    -Lady Goldiva- in en138 is out of protection, a 175pt city, and on VM but has not turned into anchor. Town id is 221
  6. Zarun-

    ghosting while in protection But in 138 multiple people are ghosting while in protection. Is this a bug or was there a change made? I have tried ghosting before while in protection (years ago) and it wouldn't let me so I know the wiki was correct at one point.
  7. Zarun-

    trading via farming overview does not always work

    When you try to trade with farming villages via the farming overview it doesn't always work. Sometimes you will get a message saying "active city not on this island" - even though you have it selected. Other times nothing at all will happen, no message - no trade window. It is very irritating...
  8. Zarun-

    city protection message does not block narcissism information

    Whenever you try to cast a spell on a city that's protected, it will say "this city protected by a divine power" But if you try to cast narcissism, it will say "this power already active" even if city protection is up. This is a giveaway for the attacker, easily knowing whether city is...
  9. Zarun-

    inconsistent use of 24:00 and 0:00

    There is inconsistent usage of 24:00 and 0:00 throughout the game. It should read as either 24:00 or 0:00, not both. It is confusing.
  10. Zarun-

    extreme high speed servers

    There has not been better than a speed 4 in almost 3 years on Grepolis, and this includes all regional servers - not just US/EN. Hope the staff can pass on to the higher ups that there are players wanting speed 5 or 6 no morale revolt. Conquest got a great world - it's our turn!
  11. Zarun-

    you should be glad Grepolis is declining

    Basing this off Alexa site rankings, Grepolis site traffic has decreased significantly over the years. It's better off because of it though! Why? Because it forces devs to do things like trying to fix the endgame (ww limits), trying to fix the farm system (eh, at least we got bandit camps), and...
  12. Zarun-

    Request there needs to be an article on New Hope

    New Hope is entirely missing from the wiki, from what I can tell. I believe you have to be conquered within 2 weeks of beginners protection to get the effect.
  13. Zarun-

    Inactive Topic change event rewards based on world age

    Proposal: The age of a world should determine what event items are given, and indeed, how many of them are given out. Reason: With the new modus operandi of opening worlds during/right before events, we are badly in need of a rebalance. It is very unreasonable to expect early-game defenses to...
  14. Zarun-

    abdera horrible performance atm

    It is crashing, timing out, units aren't showing up when they've returned home. Can we get a restart or something?
  15. Zarun-


    Are we going to have peacetime for thanksgiving? It's usually announced by now.
  16. Zarun-

    Event Favor bonus causes favor to be displayed incorrectly when queuing myth units

    Here is normal favor - with priestess and quest favor bonus on: Then after you queue a myth, it goes to this - but from the amount of time before favor maxes out clearly shows that it is showing incorrect values. When you refresh it goes back to normal. But if you queue another...
  17. Zarun-

    new reports format makes BP earned unreadable

    No BP gain shown. :(
  18. Zarun-

    demolition orders reduce market cap before actual demolitions

    Demolishing the market reduces your trade capacity before the building has even demolished! This is not right. It doesn't work the other way around so it shouldn't be this way either. If any buildings are reduced in their usefulness simply because of a demolition queue and before the building...
  19. Zarun-

    Not a Bug demolition orders are not automatically removed if building is demolished

    I had a demolition order for wall 23 to 22 while city got hit with catapults in the interim. Now wall is 0 but demolition order remains and shows it will drop wall to -1. When it completes, you get a message demolition was completed and wall remains at 0. Just an interesting bug that does...
  20. Zarun-

    construction queue bug is back

    I recall an update which fixed the construction queue overflow bug but it has come back with the introduction of new code. It seemed to be fixed for a while but after the recent update it started happening again.