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  1. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    Wrong choice of alcohol :confused: (was amazing mel)
  2. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    The attention whore has spoken, we're too terrified to fight :confused:
  3. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    It's fake news, he's losing cities (but just a few)
  4. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 4th Edition: Chaose ensues in Smyrna

    Imagine, trying to trashtalk fans whereas there are some of our players in the winning team kek
  5. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    No need to give them the support of the WA legend, the reputation of blood is already fucked enough
  6. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    You cannot be accused to play a lot of new world years after years when you delete your account each world PS: Oh wait sorry, everyone recognize him with his looser speech :/
  7. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    The situation was like this: three alliances for the win, two who had a great chance to win (bloods, fans), and one who had 0 chance to win alone (Ares) because too small. We were 100% sure you guys would try to work with them, that's why we bring them a win-win offer with respect (you basically...
  8. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    just said you can get decent stats without golding and crying about gold, was the purpose of my message.
  9. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Didn't gold a single nuke the whole server and I'm 4th attacker. You just suck man. + Dave and leblob have probably spent more gold that the rest of the server and the other servers united kek
  10. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Next to this childishness, I'm still waiting for the machine to turn my cities blue
  11. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Can testify they didn't upgrade their op strategy in 133, damn bp booster for this goldercheater of @Hammerhead1
  12. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Are statistician honourable people? That's the real question
  13. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    With the number of worlds where True Bloods has fucked diplomacy, suprised they still haven't found the time to learn how to put the LS/OLUs in the right order lmao
  14. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    @Mole man 420 Wait the RR start, I'm sure we can reach the 30k
  15. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series
  16. Newspaper Player Interviews & World Thoughts

    Imagine being a leader, have one of your player trash talking you publicy on external and nothing to answer than "please leave" KEK
  17. Gold

    So dumb, gold gives a serious advantage of course but how many players crying about gold are currently using all the features permit by free to play? (use all their anchors for snipes, good network of divine envoyees for farm favor, chain of rages with herc generator...)? Even without that the...
  18. Funny story of Sympathy

  19. Pnp Story of Dins

    This guy is proud his alliance can take only 4k rock city from inactive lmao
  20. New God Ares Feedback Thread

    Actually by adding the ladon (flying distance weapon), you give a boost to all other myths (because all the DLU composition of siege must be modified to put more swords (to the detriment of others) with at the same time the potential to have a 9k Nuke with hades army (without considering the...