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  1. Grepo Chuckey

    Trash Talk

    I'll begin. Has anyone kept up with how many cities JFL lost? They keep kicking players so it doesn't show up on the warscore.
  2. Grepo Chuckey

    Trash Talk

    New thread for trash talk. It's hard to keep up. I'll start off. @Heres20BucksKillMe is BAD
  3. Grepo Chuckey

    Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    So (Insert alliance name here) fill out the top 10 already. I havn't missed a minute of the day and had 25% off construction tokens running 100%% of the time. Yet I have half the points of all these players already. Everyone should come out of BP on even terms then switch on the Gold. I'm not...
  4. Grepo Chuckey

    Changes to Zeus rage & Sea Storm

    It's been brought to my attention that many players aren't happy with the mechanics of the spells. 1) Defenders can rage/SS the same attack as many times as they want to. 2) If you send a bunch of fake attacks you'll be warned for "spamming" 3) Zeus kills all your cats on the first rage Some...
  5. Grepo Chuckey

    Top 5 & World Prediction

    Here's a view of the top alliances & predictions of the world. If you're not in the world yet, please join. -The whole world MAKE THE BEST SIMMER WIN Chuckey is back with another update about this awful world that Inno opened after the announcement 2 days prior. Nom nom nom... 1)F2P -...
  6. Grepo Chuckey

    EN 142 World Chat

    Invite link --->
  7. Grepo Chuckey

    Top 12

    UPDATED 2/18/2022 UPDATED 2/19/2022 Grepo Chuckey's Top 12 1) Merge The Servers- SWIM!!!!! Very experienced group with some household names. One in particular, Grepo Chuckey. *Blushes* As for their name, they picked it because they want all the servers to merge so worlds won't be dead anymore...
  8. Grepo Chuckey

    MERGE the severs

    Why hasn't inno done this yet? The game is completely dying out. They could merge the servers together to bring the whole community together & create more competition. They could easily add an option to change the game language interface to players preference.