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  1. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    That's the most brain dead logic I've ever heard of in my whole entire life. Personally, I don't really care about this argument cause I can give two shits what inno does but like just telling someone who doesn't want to spend money on a game to just get a better job is just the dumbest ****...
  2. Top 5 & World Prediction

    OK, then don't make crap comments that dissuade ppl from taking a particular course of action. Just cause you don't like something, doesn't mean the whole world gotta know it.
  3. Top 5 & World Prediction

    Then don't say no thanks. Real complicated solution to that problem.
  4. top 12 sink or swim

    There's one jfl alliance. The other ones are cheap spin off versions trying to make fun of the real one. I can see where an unfamiliar player can get it mixed up...
  5. Top 5 & World Prediction

    This is the real GOAT post. Screw president Biden, I'm voting for this dude.
  6. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    Will anyone be doing a newspaper for this world?
  7. Changes to Zeus rage & Sea Storm

    Didn't realize this was a trash talking thread.
  8. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    A super coalition dropping into a world... How many alliances is a super coalition I wonder? What a joke. Top 12 before the world even starts: 1: super coalition: SINK
  9. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    If they made that change, I might just honestly quit the game.
  10. Mythical spells and units overhaul

    A+ post.
  11. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    Will meme be dropping this world?