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  1. 2.69 Discussion Thread

    I agree & I have played a long time without gold
  2. Gold Trading Discussion and Feedback Thread

    well this would be the way it is . the ones that don't spend gold like myself will get pushed from the game . good luck with getting fresh players when they are all wiped out once there protection runs out .
  3. Fixed No Login Screen

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to proxy is fine but I am sure work wont like me messing with the network ! 24hrs now ! please get it fixed
  4. Passed No WW rewards for second completion

    so are the mods going too change this ?
  5. Passed Better Organization of Reports

    is this still in the pipe line ?
  6. Closing world conditions
  7. Closing world conditions

    it has come too my attention that Delta is now under 300 active players . when will the end of world count down start ? An active player in this case is a player who logs into his/her world-account at least once a month. this is in the rules . seems there are a lot of players playing other...
  8. Closing world conditions

    Closing world conditions Dear Players and Forum Goers, There have been a lot of discussions and concerns voiced in the forum about when (and why) a world in Grepolis should close. This topic was discussed by InnoGames internally as well, and we have come to a conclusion. The core factors...
  9. World wonder race .. Take 2 .

    Congratulations to the alliance Harbingers! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ALLIANCE Harbingers We would like to congratulate the alliance Harbingers and all its members on their victory in world Delta with the completion of their fourth world wonder. We would also like to thank everyone who...
  10. Congratulations to the alliance Harbingers!

    Do we need to start this thread again with Harbs about to win again !! .
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!!!

    must be time to come back & play & stop simming . Nice too have a VM after 3 years !! . you finished that world wonder yet ?
  12. Epsilon end

    It has ended . no more log in .... so do we get a crown for lasting it out ? .
  13. Important Epsilon - The end of this chapter

    It was great . started on Delta but will all ways remember this world for the king butters & other personalities that made it fun .
  14. Milestones The award to the person that killed s.e.

    we all know it was JB & his girl freind that broke the back of SE . They were very clever at undermining us with there on again of again relationship & account sharing / hacking & other dramas ...... was all very sad . But the fact is when you loose your top 10 accounts [council members] it...
  15. As Epsilon Ends....

    I destroyed it ? . with only players like you still in it after all the greats had gone the world was over . You have already been named the worst player on the server ...hahaha . The best war for me was against SE ! never should have joined it as it was all down hill from there with knights...
  16. Milestones Turn off the lights the party is over

    I'ts been great to play with you all . was sad when Underwood / Mel / KB / Salik & the rest went & the world ended then for me & most the rest . Well done to the Mega alliance for winning the world as well .Still playing Heros if a couple of other worlds but this one was great. In fact almost as...
  17. Closing Delta

    well look at the stats mate . read your own forum . just taking one of your citys with 100 attacks inbound & still you can't stop us . so thanks for the bp so I can take the next one . sorry to say I already landed that one as well mate . e9ab5fc76134c76719187bec15b7f704 sorry if you can't open...
  18. Harbingers vs. Ares / EotD / SG-Elites

    looking at last 90 days is more interesting . 46 harbs /5 eotd 16 harbs /31 SG 32 harbs /12 IOA 53 harbs /42 DOA & we have 3 in conquest now as well .
  19. Harbingers vs. Ares / EotD / SG-Elites

    well said . keep fighting guys .
  20. Closing Delta

    Do DOA want an award for being the best MRA ?. or for taking the most ghosts ? . you lost the WW race & now just sim . so when are you going to attack ?, still waiting .