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  1. Aicy

    Change increase favor production item description

    Gods are generating me favour... with the Gods? Doesn't make sense? This item has a silly discription! It should be changed to something like "Your temple preists are extrodinarily active and generate additional favor"
  2. Aicy

    Guys that change their name often

    Where'd they go?
  3. Aicy

    Let's have a classic non-mod thread like we used to in the old days!

    [This message is only avavible to non-mods only]
  4. Aicy

    Does anybody know that multiple sig site?

    I've been searching for and gathering up all my old sigs (most of them have been lost forever... ;_; ) and I used to use this site where you would enter all your different sigs (I had a lot) and then it would generate a URL where if you used that for your sig it would show a different one every...
  5. Aicy

    *Real life pictures thread* 2

    Old thread Me:
  6. Aicy

    Hey guys I'm going to make a thread about nothing

    That seems to be the fashion these days. Kappa
  7. Aicy

    Grepolis will be dead before Legacy Of The Void comes out

    Sad ain't it?
  8. Aicy

    Sword Art Online

    Fantastic anime, which would be perfect if it wasn't for all the fanservice. Did anyone else see the newest episode? So emotional... I nearly cried.
  9. Aicy

    Someone email me when the next world is announced Thanks.
  10. Aicy

    Hey guys mind cheering me up?

    I just found out I'm not getting into a Starcraft 2 clan I really wanted to join and am quite upset about it. Mind cheering me up /gre/?
  11. Aicy


    ITT: We post pictures of cat.
  12. Aicy


    the most awesome song in the world...
  13. Aicy

    Grimm Sleepers is...

    The best alliance EVAR!!!!!!! WE ARE RANK NUMBER 1! BEAT DAT!
  14. Aicy

    Grimm sleepers is the best alliance!

    Cower before our greatness!!!!!!!!!
  15. Aicy

    Official Sparta world skype chat

    I say official because it is indeed, official. Innogames said so. (they didn't really) If you want to join send me a message on skype and I'll add you. If you don't have me on skype why don't you have me on skype? My name is tom.czns on skype, add me with that. Skype is free and you can...
  16. Aicy

    Is condemning paedophilia wrong?

    Okay so this is something I've been thinking about quite a bit recently and I find it very interesting and somewhat important too, yet I've never seen it discussed once before, ever. Maybe because almost everyone is certain of their position, the position opposite to mine. What I am talking...
  17. Aicy

    Does anyone want to do some algebra?

    Okay, so if the grepolis forums are x and a ghost town in y what is x+y? x+y = 2y BECAUSE THE GREPOLIS FORUMS ARE A GHOST TOWN. huehuehuehuehuehue
  18. Aicy

    The Captain and his Ship

    So I just decided to write this randomly as I wanted to use my keyboard as it's a great keyboard and I like writing silly stories. Sorry if it's not very good, I just wrote it continuously and only checked it once for spelling mistakes. _______________________________________________________...
  19. Aicy

    Oh dear, what will you do about this Inno?