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  1. What Did Kill This Server

    I have a masters degree in statistics, and they are clearly not lol
  2. What Did Kill This Server

    Not gonna argue it anymore, no botting here, cant expect a russian to understand basic statistics of course
  3. What Did Kill This Server

    If youve got the anchors and you can send and recall 6 times in a 21 second window, you have a 53% chance of getting same second as CS with every city. You definitely don't know how to time if you dont get half your supports on top every CS attempt
  4. What Did Kill This Server

    If you dont know how to time, you just suck. Dont try the bot excuse, it's just a crutch for incompotence.
  5. What Did Kill This Server

    Valhalla killed this world by merging with Vikings. It forced SUGLo and Young Guns to merge in order to stay competitive, and so they did, creating a much stronger and more organized alliance than Valhalla/Vikings. Stupid russians, catching Ls as usual ;) See yall in Ukraine for round 2 :cool:
  6. World Update: Chaos Ensues

    He's mad, sending 80 minute TT manti nukes at me lmao
  7. World Update: Chaos Ensues

    Terrible and inacurate update written by a nobody. I can't think of a worse player who is more disconnected from the truth.
  8. A Present for MainKiller7

    @MainKiller07 , in honor of your great skill and prowess, I would like to present to you a gift! A keepsake, to commemorate our first and only encounter in battle so many years ago! Will you accept it?
  9. Kaboom

    Touchpad your way right over to the ghost button lol
  10. Kaboom

    Lol, nobody seems to understand statistical probabilities. If all your support cities have 2 anchors, and you get 6 tries per anchor, you should have 58% of your supports same second.
  11. Kaboom

    Lmao, MainKiller doesn't have enough brain cells to comprehend sarcasm.
  12. Kaboom

    Wrong again, lmao. If you have more DBP it means you are the ones always defending sieges, which means youre taking cities. Massive amounts of ABP means youre either a super aggressive player or you are constantly trying to break sieges (AKA losing cities).
  13. Kaboom

    No LS lock and only 6 on top? Oooof... Still better than mainkiller by a lot though
  14. Kaboom

    Your cities are protected by the fact that you aren't likely to be in the DOM circle. Nothing to do with you having any skill whatsoever
  15. Kaboom

    Don't think for a second that your alliance had anything to do with Young Guns merging lol. You are food and we will continue eating you.
  16. Vikings = Embarrassing

    Calm down kiddo, you need at least 100,000 BP for your opinion to matter
  17. Vikings = Embarrassing

    Dang, I guess a person ghosting after waking up to all their offense cleared and half a dozen cities in siege =/= making them ghost
  18. Vikings = Embarrassing

    "Final Chapters" and you're still stuck in immortals
  19. Vikings = Embarrassing

    Hard to fight the one major alliance you dont share a border with lmao