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  1. Speed 5 - Just For Laughs

    We will be dropping in the speed 5 world, looking to make an mra to kill this world and game off, message me privately for consideration, i wont waste my time reading replies from the forum spammers of previous alliances that we dismantled looking for my attention. C JFL
  2. 2010 Coding

    How is it "Response error" is still a problem when switching cities too quickly to either trade or send units? This was never before an issue, seems like constant regression in this game taking steps backwards with the basics. Is this even going to be fixed anytime soon, been going on for 2...
  3. Worst world start to date?

    With the mods refusing to listen to the community and the settings being arguably the worst you could ask for, many assumed the world would be dead. But seeing the top player at under 2k points 5 hours into a world when theres ALWAYS some big golders well above that and 350 players drop in total...