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  1. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp A tribute to Hunkiller Aka the Noob, aka CuddlyBear.

    Cuddle bear Aka Hunkiller saying Hi to me : first contact. Cuddle bear Aka Hunkiller saying he's no teamplayer : Not helping pact members. Cuddle bear Aka Hunkiller acting as a pro, spy. : The snitch LMAO... Cuddle bear Aka Hunkiller is the Sparta king : Is he? Cuddle...
  2. ErikWijmeersch

    Proposal Walls.

    I said before, free ideas are poor ideas, pros fix things but cost cash i' real world. However à teaser because of the love of the game. Wall rebuild, use gold ! Let the gold users spend cash to rebuild, but give a fair shot to the fighters and so not reward the simmers, yes simmers use gold...
  3. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp Loose Lips Sink ShipS.

    "Loose Lips Sink Ships " We have spies and we use them whenever and wherever we want against you! I'm impressed, ha-ha I don't think so, FeifelTower! B E C A U S E Meanwhile @ Q&Q - HuggersLand Hybrid is not a synonymous hibernation. O E P S Z .... ARE YOU SURE ? ***...
  4. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp WitchunterGeneral and the seller of grannies.

    On a blue Monday when the most honorable suddenly sends a message. Writing me that Avengers are beaten. *** James *** seller of grannies. buy 2 get a third for free! "So you wish to sell your good name to the devil for 8 seats :) Skuid and Witchhuntergeneral. Time out ! NO...
  5. ErikWijmeersch

    ABP King of Leontini.

    ABP - Piramide of world 110 - Leontini. Who will become the absolute ABP-king. Objective is to collect the highest score from ABP, and this in one shot Post your report here and become king As a starter - see screenshot below - score = 1935 - post ONLY WHEN YOURS IS BIGGER !
  6. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp The Vacation Company

    A message from The Grey Company. Attack us if you dare we have a deff buff ! Oh... poor skullies and bones scared are you Skuls and Bones yes.... food but ... weird our food talks to us Yes . or we are all on drugs or we need an urgent Vacation Mode. Let's talk back to our diner...
  7. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp Shadies finest aka shadies lunch

    Shadies Finest. Lovely free inactive city in shadies waters. Defending behind wall 4 , lovely dinner! oepsie boepsie doepsie hihi. I got you noob - say goodbuy to you little finger aka CS. Time to sail my own CS inside hihi so easy , I am a god ! Less than 25 min later and 6000...
  8. ErikWijmeersch

    Ricky Gamer The protector

    Ricky Gamer is acting as protector of Ricky Youtube Forgiveness or DIE you noob ! Big Ricky is coming !!! okay guys this is serious , we have a Noob Alarm Ricky speaking : so so ... so... !!! Oh h's sending his LS-nukes on a 4h TT lol. - Bummer why did I mention...
  9. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp wonder bust by the Turtles for hire

    World Wonder Bust by the awesome Turtles. first strike spy another WW island 37673 - strike midnight 38119 * strike 0700 37404 - strike 0700 43439 - strike 0700 37867 - strike 0300 37840 - strike 0700 42514 - strike 1900 37996 - unknow 38078 - strike 1200 37882 -...
  10. ErikWijmeersch

    Error or on purpose?

    This is what all others got today this is what I got today ( was checking if true ) ... " a little error from management because otherwise I would had 1.000.000 DBP today instead of 250.000"
  11. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp Welcome to NoobGolgiStan.

    I spawned in 74 to take over the world (just kidding) spending my last gold coins hihi... Day 2 of my beginner protection , wow ! a musketeer on my island in 74!!! Homersv : Hi let's do a 1 vs 1 battle. Erik : 1 vs 1 , you a brave dare devil lol. You realize I am ranked nr 2...
  12. ErikWijmeersch

    No Brakes / No Speed Limits : postive project.

    No Brakes - No Speed Limits The No Brakes project was a project where a lot of love was put in, many work and 1 team with a positive energy worthwhile from the beginning. It was the first project I (ErikWijmeersch) started as a founder with a full team, with about 100 members. Friend and...
  13. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp Golgi - The movie - see it now in 3D -

    Golgi - The Movie. Genre: War - Drama. Director: Wildnisa (who gave us the award winning televison serie Belle. Story: The Ranga Brothers. Tells the story of a young man enter into military service. We see a young erikwijmeersch exit Rho officers academy and after numerous fights in Eubea...
  14. ErikWijmeersch

    less and less people :(

    Every server less and less people play the game we love. why? and what to do about? I am not a share holder, but hope to keep playing. here suggestions. 1. end game : Invest in something new so there are no longer massive alliances with academies and twin+sisters. (yes i was...
  15. ErikWijmeersch

    E-R-I-K Errrik : reply

    °°° Erik Wijmeersch : Hi Fungus, how's your day. °°°Mungus1974 : Gr8!!! people try to revolt me and they failed !!! °°°ErikWijmeersch : °°°ErikWijmeersch : Let's find out if something has changed in game. S T E P 1 : S P Y Step 2 : E A R T H Q U A K E. step 3 : C I T Y P R O...
  16. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp Leolis the fighter.

    Leolis the warrior. Leolis : Hi Whytetwns you are in my neighberhoood, hand over the city ! Whytetwns : Leo, let me send a CS and you can have it, i am relocating. Days later. After Whyte's CS lands....Leo is more than happy to get a free city where he did not had to work for. His...
  17. ErikWijmeersch

    Idea to save Inno from dying. (WW).

    it has been discussed thousend times. below an idea so everybody knows better where he or she stands Here a thought what Inno could do so no more need to discus and turns in rounds. It might even safe the game. Victor Award : 4/7 WW or higher. MASTERS : Only possible for Victors if they...
  18. ErikWijmeersch

    Pnp The Grepo Ace (lol * to break the ice, try to be friends :-))

    What you need to know about Grepo*Aces aka legends. They use awesome personalised profile pictures. They are friendly Neighbours *** When a legend revolt a neighbour, most of those neighbours overreact Some of the ace*players enjoys to non stop send CATS in out and get the 15k...
  19. ErikWijmeersch

    Gold gold gold and more gold

    2009 or before Inno started to let players pay for Captain * Commander and 3 other fools. Everybody was excited, the race was on, for world wonders! Intresting a golden crow!!! No!!! It's mine !!! Mmmm ? something screamed in my left ear wonder what was it for? year 2015...