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  1. Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    There's a lot to say about this world so for now I'll focus on the most frustrating topic: being incessantly accused and reported for cheating by people that don't understand in-game mechanics (primarily GA/TBC). Disclaimer: I'm not denigrating new players here, everyone was at one point a...
  2. Proposal Anysia Proposal (Event hero)

    Anysia, the latest hero released with the hen event, currently reduces the favor cost of training mythical units in her respective city. I believe, objectively, that she should also reduce the time required to train said mythical units. I think this would do a lot to help out new players and...
  3. Should 136 Endgame Be Switched to Domination (from WW)

    If we get more than 69% the mods can't say no.
  4. Am I Allowed To Time?

    Disclaimer: I want answers, and I feel the community would benefit from sharing in them. Therefore, I bent over backward and deleted a fairly large portion of my text to ensure that it met the standards of the forum regulations. I would like to also make it clear that I never mention a single...
  5. Funeral Oration- Nickossa

    Nickossa, With all the hate we've shared the past days it sure was hard for me to make this thread. However, I just wanted to make it to congratulate you on your grepo skills and to say good luck in life. Thanks for the fights, Pennaone