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  1. Closed Christmas Advent Calendar - December 16th - Give your Pet a voice.....

    "You forgot to cast return from the underworld!"
  2. Closed Christmas Advent Calender - December 5th Limericks

    About DJR2015 There was an annoying player named DJR He ruled in Grepolis over lands near and far But when it came to real life He had no wife And he lived all alone in his car
  3. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Yea, although you guys do have what seems to be like an unlimited supply of ls from all your cities. But I do agree, I don't think anyone can be blamed, you guys just were smarter that most other people. The only thing, in my opinion, that can be blamed is the game mode. But its new so...
  4. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Why are there still 20 days left until large temples? 106 days for small temples is far too much in my opinion. Also, what DV has done with focusing on getting bp is 100% fair but tbh makes for a pretty boring world in my opinion. Maybe I'm just used to more conquests because I usually play...
  5. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Top 10 anyone?
  6. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Why is Friendly Calm Keepers a swim? The way I see it, and from the knowledge I have, they do everything they are told to do by DV with little to no help in return, which isn't a great situation to be in in my eyes. Also, everyday MC has one or two cities of FCK in siege. FCK are an alright...
  7. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    My excuse for losing the city is I had just gotten wisdom teeth surgery and was on a ton of meds. Thanks for the mention though! Should have been in vacation mode but forgot about the surgery until the day before... ooopsie that’s a good enough excuse right?
  8. Newspaper The Sidon Incider Issue 6

    3 Alliances and 7 pacts? I thought Temples would eradicate pacts and branches because they wouldn't want to tread on eachothers' toes by going for the same temple.