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  1. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Someone make one pls idk I don't play this server except for gold just doing it to meme having a milestone on a server I'm not even playing. Surprised someone else hasn't done this.
  2. Proposal Abandoning a city

    We've all had that city that's in the middle of nowhere, 12-hour TT to anything meaningful, and nobody will take it off your hands. Sure you can use it for LTS, but wouldn't it be better if you could free up that slot for a city closer to the action? Introducing the idea of Abandon City! In...
  3. Question Anysia Wording

    Anysia says: "While Anysia is assigned to a town, she will reduce the favor costs of mythical units of the god worshipped in this city by X%" Judging by the wording, I would think that if I assigned her to one of my Zeus cities, the favor cost of manticores in any of my Zeus cities would be...
  4. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Hey guys welcome to my Senior thesis. It's on a game called Grepolis and.. Oh wait y'all don't care LET'S GET INTO THE HOT TAKES! #1 - The Shady Bunch / Drunken Loners - MASSIVE Swim What really can I say about these guys? They’re numbers one and two in pretty much every ranking you can...