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    YEEE HAWW BROTHERS AND SISTERS! SALAM ALAYKUM! SHALOM ALEICHEM! HALLELUJAH!!! Actually, I have a question since the en147 settings are trash (3-3 with active morale) and I'm really into playing revolt. When the next world is about to be opened? Also, the next world after en147 is CQ, so...
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    Question Question for Grepo developers

    My dear grepo developers, After you have Ladons added to the game, u killed CQ type of worlds in grepo. So I have a quiz for you. Are u going to create new type of conquest for grepo? Or you dc and you will force lotta players to play noobie revolt? I hope for your answer. ;) Thx.
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    Milestones Change the time of conquest

    Is it possible to change the time of conquest from 8 hrs to 6 hours? It used to be that worlds with 4 speed had a conquest for 6 hours. It is better to play. My opinion. Write here down a plus if u agree or minus if u don't.