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  1. Deuterium

    Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by Evil MeIinoe

    Aaaw, you're too kind Mel!
  2. Deuterium

    The next to disband

    Replies on your remarks here below: - Agree - More of a rhetoric remark about the flaws of the imperial system, but anyway - Cool, if that's what you fancy - Don't get it - My bad, sincere apologies - Let's agree to disagree - Cool, so as a geology enthousiast, you want Cuddles to take a closer...
  3. Deuterium

    The next to disband

    Disgusting! Who still measures length using the imperial system! Also, can we stop the petty bickering? The alliance with the biggest ruler shall be decided on the battlefield. Posting a picture of a piece of cardboard on some rocks doesn't really add value to your point, unless you're into geology.
  4. Deuterium

    Dom era

    To everyone competing for the coveted sword icon, I wish you all the best of luck. It's gonna be a long run, but may the best alliance win!