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  1. Madbanshee

    Unable to research/click on Conquest

    For some reason, it's not letting me highlight the Conquest research in the Academy even if I have it on level 30+ on my cities. This means that on one of my cities that doesn't have Conquest yet wouldn't be researchable for myself. Anyone else having this issue and have the solution?
  2. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

    Milestones of Rhammus Individual Milestones Points 2k Points: XxxswiftstrikexxX 5k Points: KekeREAL 10k Points: StarPass 25k Points: StarPass 50k Points: BlackPig 100k Points: BlackPig 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points: City Count 2 Towns: KekeREAL 5 Towns...
  3. Madbanshee

    Fixed World Byllis Login Problem

    Not sure what is going on but when I try to join World Byllis (en67), it disallows me to join the world and says: Please try again later. Unable to Connect to tcp:// Error #110 Connection timed out! It's been doing this for like 20 minutes now.