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  1. WC link

    New World chat, fresh start. Active players only (I have no way to discriminate this)
  2. 132 Memes

    Did you make any memes this server, for whatever reason or event that took place? Toss 'em in this thread, let's all have a good laugh looking back on this rollercoaster of a server.
  3. Proposal Simulator Change Suggestion

    I would like to suggest an edit to the game that makes these values in the simulator into an input box. Because of all the unique temple buffs, it is difficult to build accurate simulator scenarios. Either make those an edit box or add a space to include temple buffs somehow, perhaps similar to...
  4. Launching attacks with spells from app

    The recently added feature to the app that allows a player to launch an attack with a spell already cast is a little buggy for the app. The app will not allow you to use any spell you want, only spells from the god in that city. This is an example image. The city god is Athena, so when I...