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  1. Sink&Swim

    i cant fight stupity. i am out of forum.
  2. Sink&Swim

    you re really ignorant. my grepo relationship with gaby is for the last year very bad and even when we played together i rarely did what she asked me. i have congratulated you for your victory and never accused you publicly for boting
  3. Sink&Swim

    I dont like to read accusations without evidence. unless a player is attacking you every hour /24, then you cant know for sure if he has co-player. even a different course of actions while he is been attacked can be justified since some players react differently if the attack happens when they...
  4. Sink&Swim

    i just wish you stopped killing my dreams
  5. Sink&Swim

    think before you type bs. first of all with gaby no matter what happens in rl, we have serious quarels in grepo are you drunk or high man? gaby distracts me from facts? go and read 136 forums and see if i am objective or not and how i defended memes victory. t
  6. Sink&Swim

    then why you nearly lost in 136? your victory was marginal and i believe if TBC didnt have to replace 2 members during wonder construction, the outcome might have been different
  7. Sink&Swim

    i disagree about how you describe 136 since in my eyes 136 will always be a reminder as how the best alliance by far could have lost the crown however its your opinion and i respect it. just keep in mind that no alliance won a crown from 1st month and its so easy some minor details to change...
  8. Sink&Swim

    since you have knowledge about what happened there, the fact that meme won marginally there 4:3 despite the fact they had 10 times more enemy conquests and 4-5 times more bp than TBC and TBC had to replace a couple of members during wonder era, proves that in wonder worlds doesnt always matter...
  9. Sink&Swim

    have you been in 136 where meme won against TBC?
  10. Sink&Swim

    So far Koany seems to have the upper hand and be the best alliance however its still early and from my experience i have seen many crazy things happen. furthermore its a wonder world and not always the best alliance wins as it happens always in dom
  11. Sink&Swim

    I just got a reply from mods about it. We are missing facts because they claim that the mm isnt the reason for the ban
  12. Sink&Swim

    we are losing our focus by discussing if offering gold should be banned and what kind of ban. this is another matter. the important is that he never mentions that he ll compensate with gold. only that he ll compensate somehow.
  13. Sink&Swim

    not even in my wildest dreams i thought i ll have to defend Charlie but when i see something wrong, i cant keep silent. You can ofc claim that i am doing it because we were in same alliance but i like to think i am as objective as i was when i defended meme from the accusations of boting that...
  14. Sink&Swim

    Greece is the northern african country and the only one with exclusively white citizens. Has many similarities with east european countries except it has less drunkards and uglier women
  15. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    cant give you an answer if its worth it or not. depends on who you ask. for me revolt is boring and nothing compares with the thrill cq offers when you have a live cq plus the option of back snipe which revolt doesnt offer. I also understand those who dont want to give up what RL offers in...
  16. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    i agree with everything you posted. the amount of gold that was spent there was crazy. different mentality and tacticks, more important team play in revolt than cq where you can survive as lone wolf but in general cq is more demanding since you need to be 24h on and that makes it more difficult
  17. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    mate i dont know if Fiasco is good or not but you cant compaire cq with revolt. i played revolt for 3-4 months, joined only for gold and some friends convinced me to stay. when i quitted to join Falkonera, i was n3 in world ranking, havent used alarm at all, managed to sleep undisturbed 7h...
  18. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    drugs? i heard he is involved in granny trafficking
  19. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    Relax mate, you are a decent player but you arent Mauro the conquered. Thank god he doesnt play cq otherwise we would have been rimmed even while on beginners protection
  20. Pre-World Icaria Discussion Thread

    anyway i understand that some players dont have much time to dedicate playing grepo and morale is a way to protect them from players who have super fast growth, however morale should be implemented to slow speed worlds. to have such a speedy world and use morale is like buying a Ferrari with a...