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    Just wondering if anyone still plays Destiny on the PS4? Doubt anyone does, but if you do feel free to message me your username. (This is the right place for a thread like this, right?)
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    "To fight alone is to die alone." Hyrule, as the name suggests, will be a tight-knit group of people defending each other to their dying breath, vanquishing evil nevertheless. We will be in there till the end :) Although a Skype (or alternatively, a line account) is not required, although...
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    The Best thing about Grepolis

    You play to win the Game Am I right?
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    Guess That Video Game!

    Round 1: 1. The Beast is coming. And Now the Only Person who Could Help me is Dead. - Infamous 2 (a pebble) 2. Solomon Grundy. Buried on A Sunday. - Batman- Arkham City (goldfinger6) 3. You Will never Be My King! 3.1 The Hero of time 3.2 Minda 3.3 Link Zelda: Twilight Princess (Suishoko...
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    Grepolis version 1.26. in my honest opinion, was far, far superior to 2.0+ versions, and there's many players that would agree with me here. 1.26 was much simpler, there were more players in the worlds, and the worlds lasted practically forever. There was no such thing as world wonders to end a...
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    Amazing Stats

    Did you know: You're 5 times more likely to die on the way to get your lottery card than to win.
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    NOVA ERA- Thebes In a world where the oceans dominate. A group of friends defying death has created a powerful core. An alliance that became a legend of the seas. ______________________________________________ Recruiter- Mauw Recruitment: Open/Limited/Closed...
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    Mods getting early acess to worlds??!

    Well, as I noticed Lane's IGN in a premade thread,and out of boredom, I looked up his IGN 'Aider'. He was in Thebes. I figured I might've missed the starting date, But when I went to 'New worlds' on the login screan. THERE WAS NO THEBES! This can only mean one thing... MODS GET EARLY...
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    Pnp DoF exposed!!

    It was just another day in the heart of DoF.... I met up with a long lost alliance bud from the en29 ephesus world:). As I thought the cycle would finally meet it's end.. Cycle- War >Conquer Free SCV >Conquer me >We quit :( And hopes of world conquer rose. And everything was "Chipper!:D" As...
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    Pnp The Quiest fourm

    C'mon, ephesus players! We can't let our fourm fall to inactivity! Let's get a comp or someting in here! But in the meantime, post cool stories here!
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    Premade- The Legion of kings

    The Legion of Kings Well, we all have to start and end somewhere. This alliance will accept anyone, if they meet the following requirements: Active in the Fourms Experienced i.e. 2-3 months playing (exceptions are made) The desire to win. Roster Founder- Link of time Leader- Zerleo...
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    The Hobbit

    Now this is the best book ever.
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    No mod Time

    Post "No mods in my way" if there are no mods on. I'll start. "NO mods in MY way!
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    Pnp The funny mail time!

    So i have a premade set up by alex and me. Then i join and get 20 invites, the norm. Then this happens... Then i get this- Which seems like a promlem worked out for me, until i get this... LOL Then I send this back: You can tell he's a newb, but not a noob. (Not at least yet) Then he...
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    Inactive Topic Idea- Research points idea

    Proposal: Let's say you have 2 cities. You have 6 RP in you're 1st city, and 2 RP in you're 2nd city. You want to research something that costs 8 RP in you're 2nd city, but you can't. This feature will make it possible. Reason: Described above. Details: They're will be a new "Additon...
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    Not a Bug Bottom-Bar fault

    On the bootom bar, the one with the alliance fourm, mail, etc. Is void and when I click on anything on that bottom bar, nothing happens. Please tell me how to fix this. P.S: I have I.E. 10
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    My Grepolis Story

    Well, i figured it was time I made one of these. Well, Lets start out with the basics. Real Name: Will Experience: I have been playing grepolis since 2011 Interest/s: American football, Zelda (video game), and Learning new tricks for staying up all night (My record is 6:00 a.m central time:P)...
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    Pnp Astroi Didn't deserve it

    If OSG wouldn't have merged with LOS, they would have won.
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    Inactive Topic No Pop needed for troop spells

    Proposal: If you cast a troop spell on a city the city will not lose pop. Reason: Now, you need population to cast a spell, after this you don't. Details: Now, you need pop to cast troop spells, after this, you don't. Visual Aids: None Balance/Abuse Prevention: To raise...
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    Pnp Eternal Soldiers - When will they fall

    ES has been getting into wars. We all probley know that. But... When will they fall? The OSG Family, Dire Wolves and who knows what else. They get into wars. Easily.:( More and more wars. When will they stop? If they don't, When will they Fall? When will they fall? Soon, i belive. CDC uses...