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    Proposal Artifacts

    Very simple: Either nerf warehouse artifact or make the rest of the artifacts much better Warehouse artifact lvl 30 = 41.616 warehouse space. Even Zeus Sparkle with 590 favour storage at lvl 30 is pretty dogshit compared to warehouse lvl 30. The rest of the artifacts only leaves behind an...

    Petition to merge servers - Sign if you agree

    I've made a petition so InnoGames hopefully see this - i don't know what happened to the player council, but seems it has been inactive for a good 3 years at least. Time to take action :) If you are active on other countries' servers, please go ahead and share over there, and just spread the...

    Increasing playerbase

    @Baudin Toolan @Hydna With the new gamemodes, artifacts and gods being released the past year or two, what are your plans on getting new players to play the game? I love the updates, but atm the game is dying faster and faster. A server barely fills out the 4 core oceans these days, i can't...

    Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    Avengers theme song: