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  1. The Upcoming World

    just chill mate, you creating 10 threads is not going to speed it up
  2. Proposal VM in 1 server only

    Vacation noun -a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:Schoolchildren are on vacation now. -a part of the year, regularly set aside, when normal activities of law courts, legislatures, etc., are suspended. -freedom...
  3. Proposal VM in 1 server only

    just no, shouldnt even come up
  4. windows

    why not mute the tab?
  5. windows

    Seems like it started due to the changes they did to better support the new app.
  6. Sink&Swim

    That was my main point as well, if it is or it isnt a breach of rules doesnt matter if it is not explicitly explained in the rule itself. Thank you for the quick replies.
  7. Sink&Swim

    I think offering should be a breach as well. Anyways I cant get a simple answer for a simple scenario. I get it, if I offer to buy gold for someone for in game services is a perma ban. Is offering to tell somebody the time when you will buy resources in the game market the same as offering...
  8. Sink&Swim

    I understand that and here I wanted to know if it is a breach of that rule if I offer to tell somebody when I buy resources (edit: from the market) in exchange for in game service like attacks
  9. Sink&Swim

    it was gold blocking of a city attacking an enemy city, he was not attacking a siege
  10. Sink&Swim

    First two sentences are exactly what I would say here as well. I try to be as objective as I can and I always think twice before writing something that might be biased from my experience. First things first, the following part of my post is based only on Charlie's actions in this world and...
  11. Sink&Swim

    how are Snakez and hang the best lol? nutcracker was almost 2 months vm and has been simming mostly, still has more cities. Snakez did nothing basically and was fighting the rim. The one thing that he managed was pissing off Vengeance and they gave us their dom cities.
  12. Sink&Swim

    The cat and the lion are from the same family too, size is not irrelevant. I am talking about relative size in terms of cities per player and not jfl having more players.
  13. Sink&Swim

    Disclaimer : Here is a low quality sink swim because I dont really know this server and I have played one EN-world only. So take it easy as this sink swim only shows the thoughts of a new EN-player. Nevertheless this thread's objective is to start the trash talk between the players while at the...
  14. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    Ok good I had no problems with no NB either, how does that help? Nb actually would help the average player to defend during nb and not me.
  15. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    "everyone plays around 23.59.59 landind time. if you survive 1 second you won the city, such a fun and interactive playstyle (really tactical, isn't it? game telling you that 23.59.5x-9 is the key to win free cities) same would apply there." so playing around finding people inactive is how you...
  16. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    And another topic, @Hydna why is there differences between this server and the german one in regards to guidelines. Spam rules are different here. In particular, hiding CSes by spamming even though you dont call it spam here when 20 people send 5 mini attacks each.
  17. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    people finding your sleep time is pretty normal and easy in CQ. You can look at a player's behaviour and find it out pretty quickly. As for your problematic point, thats how NB works. In the current national servers almost nobody breaks sieges during the night. The same thing goes here. Since...
  18. Trash Talk

    nah no NB, its my first time trying this server and not having NB makes a huge difference. You can play in the other servers, I think es and de should be fine
  19. Nordic Thunder - coming soon

    and how many alliances fight for the win in the nordic servers?
  20. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    damn these are some golden ideas here but nobody understands them