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  1. Abbacus

    Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

    Signed Thank you Druvi for starting this
  2. Abbacus

    The End

    I just want to say thanks to everyone that played on Paros. It was a good world and I certainly had a lot of fun. Hope everyone else did as well :) I hope to see you all on the battlefield again. Abb
  3. Abbacus

    Mad Respect to BNS

    Here to give my full respect for Bones and Skulls. I didn't fight directly against you but you sure did an incredible job in fighting and building those WWs. Excellent work! :)
  4. Abbacus

    Milestones Eubea

    Minions - 5 million points :)
  5. Abbacus

    Long time no see!

    Hey Itu! Very long time no see. Hope all is going well for you. I'm still around on Paros :)
  6. Abbacus

    Inactive Topic Breezes

    I like the idea but what would happen if the attack took more than a day and say the first day it was blowing from the east at 20 knots. My ships go to a city to the west with a 20% bonus in speed but then the next day the wind changes to west 20 knots. Would my boats still take the original 20%...
  7. Abbacus

    Which city under attack?

    Certainly appear to. Like it how you get unlimited amount of usage of a helpful feature for two weeks rather than extras just like spells.
  8. Abbacus

    the attacks of a day..

    Looks like this thread is going dead. Surely with all the fighting now some people have some good battle reports.
  9. Abbacus

    Please can contact . . .

    You guys going over to Athens? Good luck and nice to see you are all still on the game!
  10. Abbacus

    Getting back a city.

    I lost my first city so I joined a different world and it was great. Saved me from looking back at the city every minute to see if someone else has conquered it. It felt like a month wasted but looking back I learnt so much that helps me just now. Honestly it may seem pointless but after a while...
  11. Abbacus

    Discussion Colonize or conquer

    That last post is a decent point. On all worlds I have played on my first city has always been colonised unless I can find a decent ghost town but I like choosing the position of my second city as they both then form the basis of building an Empire so i would say colonise the first one but any...
  12. Abbacus

    Which city under attack?

    Sounds pretty good. Never thought you actually got such good stuff with gold on grepolis.
  13. Abbacus

    Spying a city under siege

    Must just mean the ghost cities I have conquered had players with no silver because most of them had not a single coin. Good to know they dont lose silver because I always used to think it was a waste of silver and that was one of the reasons I tried to get to ghosts quick but then I thought it...
  14. Abbacus

    Which city under attack?

    So is the Command Overview the one with all troop movements and I take it, it shows the incoming attacks and to which city as well? Wouldn't be too much money so might go for it. After all with 41 cities it may be time!
  15. Abbacus

    Rejected Idea- Wall BP?

    Not a bad idea at all. In fact a very good one and I like it a lot.
  16. Abbacus

    Which city under attack?

    Aha. There it is. Dont see how I didn't notice it. Thanks for telling me. Just nknew I would have missed it. If I start looking for something I look really closely and never notice the obvious places.
  17. Abbacus

    Which city under attack?

    Not having this exact problem again but I ave noticed that there is no universal attack indicator like in grepolis 1.0 In the top left it had the attack sign and the amount of incoming attacks. It obviously is not there in grepo 2.0 or is it as I dont have premium so someone with premium are you...
  18. Abbacus

    numbers behind a fight

    Sometimes I find it fun to try and think about it in a math way but then it gets too much and I just go "hey it's a game". But it is fun although it gets very complex very quickly with many variables listed at the end of G.R.O.M's post and the probability of knowing those goes dramatically down...