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  1. Top 5 & World Prediction

    Let me know and I will grab a corkscrew, a glass, and enjoy the view!
  2. Question from a dutch player :)

    The separate servers for different countries exist now due to the former popularity of the game. I gave up playing on EN servers for about 3 years as they were just way to busy, by which i mean full to capacity in a couple of weeks. I joined the US servers as they were quieter. The US servers...
  3. Question from a dutch player :)

    The game is dead, a dwindling pool of players holding it alive for now. Soon the pool will no longer be competitive, just like NL servers (and the us servers) etc etc. Not sure if the 'Total Wipeout' nature of the game works with the time investment you need to play. I cannot imagine as the...