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  1. Shuri2060

    Proposal Trade block

  2. Shuri2060

    Grepodata is a scam

    Late to the party, but you miss the point PG. The player data has always been publicly provided by Grepolis' API, you only needed to know where to look. That means anyone with the skills could create a heatmap for themselves. Grepodata wasn't the first website to do so or to make it publicly...
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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    There are so many temporary solutions that wouldn't take 5 mins to implement. The devs just don't care. Aphrodite, Ares have ruined the game.
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    Petition to bring LMDs back

    It's funny to see how some are for, some are against LMDs now, I started this thread just to see that. Most were for its removable before. I have to say --- nothing but complete removal of Ares / complete change to spells / units will balance the game. An LMD won't stop 1 hit still wiping 10k+...
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    New Goddess Aphrodite Feedback Thread

    'So I'm assuming you're going to quit? Cool, problem solved.' would've made more sense. Wtf is this kind of argument?
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    Change to Domination end game

    The Dom endgame mode can be improved, yes, but one has to be careful with how. If you put a 30 day no switch restriction like this, for example, it would be bad if: - your alliance had kicked you out due to VM before. Now you can't join any alliance and might as well just quit. - you have...
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    EN136 Community Vote Part 2

    Nice FFA idea, but a lot of problems come with it. Multis would give a massive advantage. Having friends who are only aiming to help you win also. Heavy emphasis on solo play - you have to carry everything. Needing to VM would be a problem.
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    EN136 Community Vote Part 2

    I have enemies complain to me their phone going off for 5 minutes in a row when I'm trying to CS. I also keep seeing odd screenshots of 60k BP hits (with a double) from other servers.
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Like every other merge
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    EN136: Let the community decide?

    The other markets aren't though?
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    Petition to bring LMDs back

    Well after 3.5 yrs I can't believe I'm here doing this, but I would like to petition to bring siege morale back. After the recent changes to the game, I think it would now be a balanced mechanic to add back in.
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    EN136: Let the community decide?

    Olympus Conquest request Not playing anything else atm sry
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    Make game last

    Spreading out wont help anything. It will make weaker alliances worse. The top allies will still invite spawn
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    apparently venom
  15. Shuri2060

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Well this happened. lol rip world
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    Spartan Event - Grep Devs screwing us without any lube

    From a dev's perspective in general, I think it's better to hear your players complaining than see them silently leaving. Means they still WANT to play, but want their voices to be heard. Maybe their ideas etc aren't great, but either way, feedback is important. As a player I'd rather see ppl...
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    Blue screen of death how fix
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    The Ladon, A Short-Term Solution, the Player's Council, and the Desperate Need For Communication

    It favors the breakers over the takers. Yes it is the complete opposite of revolt. In CQ the city protectors have to commit barely anything compared to the city takers. No LTS commitment needed if you respond to alarms for snipe, unless deep red city, but city takers need to commit 20++ cities...
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    The Ladon, A Short-Term Solution, the Player's Council, and the Desperate Need For Communication

    For years I've thought this same thing: I've had enough of the same recurring meta strategy on FL between top alliances - HC frequently until you find someone off, land and stack. How 'frequently' you HC has been controlled by the implementation of the spam rule - before it, you might get hits...
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    Update to Version 2.236 Discussion Thread

    I'll tell you how much it took to make those myths. 2 damn tokens.