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  1. Alliance picture

    ALLIANCE tab then BANNER tab
  2. Closed Grepolis Gods meet Queen Elizabeth II

    God Poseidon His gift would be 'Sea Storm' a spell for defence... ...So that Britannia will always rule the waves.
  3. Closed Christmas Advent Calender - December 5th Limericks

    I once had to do battle with Jo Po From her Fast Food cities in Grepo I got Horsemen with pizzas and burgers from Slingers Sadly she's no longer around though
  4. Pnp Golder Teams(Alliances)!

    Personally I think the game should stay free and if you want gold then buy some. As OBLADAET stated, you can always trade resources for gold. This is a War Game after all, if new players are not willing to stick around and learn how the game works first before worrying about a bit of gold, maybe...