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  1. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by Evil MeIinoe

    Cheers Mel you know we like a good challenge :) Most of dreams points come from members jumping ship but Thats the way of grepolis lol
  2. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    Its the Alabama Crew
  3. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    Speed 3 on most worlds now we all know its the new normal 5 to quick worlds over in a month or 2 4 Pretty much perfect for everyone 3 The Normal speed everyone used to it now 2 Slower speed perfect for players learning the game really 1 no Longer exists well I hope it doesnt lol
  4. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    Not a Millennial at all actually Im trying to save a game ive loved playing since I was younger and I learned the game the same way as you did. :) but some are not like us! The game does not Advertise anymore meaning younger people might not even know this game exists and even when it did...
  5. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    if you want to come back and you actually a team player hit me up ;)
  6. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    Honestly over the years ive noticed a mix of things and you both make valid points Game gets boring as not much new stuff gets added new hero here and there new god once every like 4 years Bullying and people giving each-other Abuse In-game external even sometimes over Alliance forums. new...
  7. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    555 to much of a nightmare your dead before you know it lol 4-4-4 Heph Bonus No morale Revolt Dom Alliance cap 60 protection I dont care aslong as the rest come in lol
  8. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    we need that blessing to keep the worlds going more New players over 1k are getting rimmed before they even get a chance at the game just because taking the city is abit easy then founding. worlds dying faster,Less and less of a player base as the months go by and the Veterans who are used to...
  9. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    No we asked for Revolt Domination Speed mixed 4 3 4 Alliance Limit 60 Morale Inactive but Got to work with what they give
  10. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    Shadow Kings Dropping here got a few places left message me if interested. :)
  11. Who is oldest registered playing still active

    oh this account only about year old lol Cant actually remember original name think is was Leonidas the something lol
  12. Who is oldest registered playing still active

    Im like 2 weeks after Alpha began cant remember the year tho lol
  13. The Training Team

    so After I did some searching found out Inno seems to be only developing new Mobile games and not concentrating on the others 1 is a rip-off of F.O.E Such a shame to see developers dropping the ball just for money :(
  14. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

    no Point lol only a handful of teams left cant see anything big happening now its between 2 teams with the others supporting the fights :)
  15. The Training Team

    HAHA guess everyone getting sick of the way worlds going lol
  16. Curious

    If they really wanted to tho they could do it I mean events are a great income for them so taking away somethings could help improve the game. I mean even taking away the instant build and recruitments makes the game more fair and more Competitive meaning more players would stick around. EN is...
  17. The Training Team

    Feel free to hop in post a few and go back to your Team. :) Recruitment open so if anyone wants to post something feel free :)
  18. The Training Team

    feel free mate :) if anyone wants to hop in to the team and write something they think will help newbies feel free to do so then return to your real team :)
  19. Curious

    Really they need to release a server where you cant conquer! New players can learn but can still defend and attack and if a player ghosts then cities can be taken with CS like now imagine how many Oceans would open not to mention the gold experienced players could farm lol Or A server where...
  20. The Training Team

    if your rusty at the game feel free to join to refresh yourself once you feel comfortable just move to someone else :)