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  1. 137 Fun

    This world looks interesting, how long do speed 2 worlds averagely take to finish all the interesting parts?
  2. Mobile forum bug?

    I've had the same issue but just play on PC and it's fixed :)
  3. Pre-World Chios Discussion Thread

    Shorter revolt time would counter that
  4. New Goddess Aphrodite Feedback Thread

    Just a quick note, satyrs are sacred to Dionysus not Aphrodite...
  5. Yakuza premade for next conquest world

    Pretty sure next world is revolt.... Good luck with your premade anyways.
  6. Pnp Golder Teams(Alliances)!

    Lol. once again the argument about gold :rolleyes:. As @Turian pointed out, being active and not having an interest in the world allows you to get a fairly decent amount of gold within in the first week or 2 of a server drop. If you don't like "gold abusers" then just leave, stop asking for...
  7. App not working while using mobile data.

    Let me guess, you're using the 3 network, I had the same problem. What you do is you go to the settings on your provider, change the adult content settings to on and it should work.
  8. Alliance Profile allignment gone

    When will you fix the mobile app as well?
  9. Memes of the world

    Yes, we all know you can't tell the time, but you do realise five minutes is LESS than one hour.
  10. trash talk

    True but he is an expert of playing sim city :)
  11. Top 12

    I'll be making my way out then :)
  12. Top 12

    Send Noots are a big sink :) as any alliance that has me in it will inevitably sink
  13. Turn off morale Yes/No?

    Personally, as Bacon said above, the proposed change does affect alliances plans. However on the other hand, it would have a significant reduction of the player base on this world. I would estimate 60-70% of high tier players scramming and going to 125 if they allow it. Imo Grepolis should take...
  14. Memes of the world

    Please join the WC if you want these to make sense :)
  15. Memes of the world

    Coming soon!!!

  17. Pre-World Neapolis Discussion Thread

    LF team, inexperienced player looking to learn and get better