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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    This is not the real Written in Blood , the name was used by another alliance .. true Bloods and written in blood are not the same alliances or have any relation to each other at all
  2. trash talk

    I am agreeing with Nuts here on one thing. The bigger questions here are why do alliances not work together and take out the favourites before fighting it out amongst themselves. surly taking out the favourites here {vic} together and making it a even playing field is better then doing vic`s...
  3. trash talk

    Please take a look at EN117 , if you want to debate pacts/ naps then thats the world , top alliance (BBM) snuggling everyone, you guys are laughable really, you cuddle so many to hit so few and yet you come on here time and time again and try and make out you dont do that, when you do . you...
  4. trash talk

    I see you are here spreading lies again, naps /pacts, look at the dom world where you wrote this almost same speech.. thats hugging and pacting 90% of the world but it wasnt those you accuse . look closer to those you lay down with
  5. Top 12 Top 12

    You clearly dont know the players you try to rubbish in here. I have played against and with Ruthie2 , she is a loyal player to her team, regardless of who she plays she shows respect . You may not like her or other players in grep but you dont need to lie about a player . I know what you have...