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  1. When will EN41 Bellerophon actually end

    So world will continue indefinitely then
  2. When will EN41 Bellerophon actually end

    There has been less than 300 players in the rankings since the end on Nov 2022, and yet the countdown clock has not started yet. Is there an issue linked to the fact there is no possible end game in this world?
  3. Spartan Assassins' incorrect item in battle token shop

    On worlds EN41.Bellerophon and EN45.Hyperborea The battle token shop has "Luxury Residence" available , but neither of these worlds actually have Heroes, so shop item is worthless
  4. Toons wins a crown but I am disgusted with it

    Just to go back to the original futboltango point In my humble opinion this practice of rotating players to win crowns needs to be stopped, it would not by hard, all they have to do is 1) Block the changing of players between alliances once the WW stage has begun. 2) The "Victor of the...
  5. Reports Bug

    Yes I am having the same problem with Reports still showing unread, but not. F5 fixes problem, but it is annoying.
  6. Not a Bug Ritual: Summoning of the Nereids - not working

    No I solved it you need to invoke Call of the Ocean at the same time, that is not explained
  7. Not a Bug Ritual: Summoning of the Nereids - not working

    Just got Ritual: Summoning of the Nereids from Easter Egg, and initiated it on city, but the cost of building ships not reduced from standard still showing cost as 7320/630/162 which as I have mathematics researched is standard cost, this is the second time I have tried to use this prize with...
  8. Fixed Bug - Senate Build Queue

    It's working properly again today
  9. Fixed Bug - Senate Build Queue

    Since last update when I look at the Senate build queue it shows the time a building will be completed, but not the date. So if you have many you cannot easily tell what date they will be completed. I know you can add them up manually, but it used to show this for you.