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  1. GG

    @MasterSpy while you and your trash *** allaince taking another L, we got the easiest win since 130. You can suck and swallow on these swords. @The Kitten Fatalis tell Mik he trash and should not challenge us again
  2. Lower LS defensive Stats!!

    I think that’s a good suggestion. LSs should have the same ratios as slings. You could clear 3.3k sling nuke with 500 or so I believe. There is no reason for me to lose 1/3 of my LS nuke just to clear a LS nuke. I mean you could catch somebody off and can’t even clear all their LSs in most cases.
  3. Corrupt or incompetent

    Thank you Inoo for fixing the WW, and saving the future players that would have died of bordem fighting this trash allaince.
  4. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    So same hour and same date? Sound like a no alarm guy, yeah definitely best player around Imaoo
  5. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Oh yeah, I guess you getting positive Bps ratios with them LSs in the harbor as well, big brain moves, teach us how to play plz.
  6. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Yeah we are just a shity MRA and you are the best player there is kek
  7. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Bro you have no opinion when our forum are full of reports of you getting cleared out every other night. You literally a BPs farm for most of our players around you. Bet $20 Masterspy will be in the external forums of the next world we drop, guy got down syndrome from 130 or some. Move on bro...
  8. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Nobody coming for you Imaoo, I just gave you advice. You are literally irrelevant, 130 is over, now we win 141 and onto the next one. Keep following us around, maybe you will learn something beneficial.
  9. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Imagin reading it in discord and come to post your reply in the forums, bro aint even that serious , nobody care who you is. Create a discord and go reply.
  10. Alliance Diplomacy

    Wait I thought we were not good enough to even get invite kek Imagin hiding in VM from some *** players like our selves, who could have thought. who is pacting valallah? Not us, but that’s your excuse imaoo I never seen any other allaince support our sieges on you, as we never asked anybody...
  11. Alliance Diplomacy

    @The Kitten Fatalis why you in VM? Yo done dropped the soap? :p “Elite Team” my ***, you will not even make the cut for our fourth branch if we had one.
  12. Alliance Diplomacy

    No, because your that's how your leadership wanted to play. We got spammed, we spammed back. Nobody wanted to play this way. When ever our leaders reached out to yours about playing clean, we are told "Spam dont exist". So you really complaining to the wrong person. The right person to...
  13. Alliance Diplomacy

    As I said that's not my idea, it is actually your leader idea. I mean you were in WC discord the whole time, dont you see TKF explain that spam dont actually exist and that Bucki could never get banned? So hourly HCs is not spam, according to your leaders, but when we start to do the same, now...
  14. Alliance Diplomacy

    Imagine never playing with us again and still hiding under a fake name. You was never with us to begin with. You got some mantel issues, you lose a world to us and now chasing us on all the worlds forums. Go out side and have a life, this is just a game, really not that serious.
  15. Alliance Diplomacy

    Why were you not in here complaining when yo had Bucki doing 1 hour HCs all night? Actually spam dont exist and that is according to your leader TKF. @The Kitten Fatalis why dont you send him your guide explaining that spam dont exist? Kind of messed up that you hiding that great knowledge...
  16. Proposal VM mode for CQ worlds

    If Inno did implement Masterspy proposal, then what will happen when everybody that get OP's run and hid in VM for a couple days until things cool down? People will abuse VM and they will go into it more often. The proposal claim that this should be implanted for people with emergencies...
  17. Alliance Diplomacy

    I told Dan to put his boy on a leash at the beginning, but he acted dumb and wanted to be a smart ***. Now you getting the consequences. We could of had fun and a nice fight. what a shame.:confused: