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    HA, ok i cant stay silent anymore Let me shed some light on the matter SBG won because of 1 player only, Alex, whos spam tactics and manipulation of other players to join him is unparralleld STORM core, got tiered, this is unsustainble play style, yes, last week SBG started force landing...
  2. Roni the great

    Stories from the Rim

  3. Roni the great

    Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Well, the bunnies are well known MRA'ers in every server they play, neapolis was a massive hug fest. So no surprise there but ngl was surprised when i saw RR pact them, but eh aint my business anyway
  4. Roni the great

    Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    hahaha, every loosing side in this game call the other side an MRA, lol
  5. Roni the great

    TKF's Pre-BP Top 5 Power Rankings

    what tool have been used to create this map ? grepolife's maps are different
  6. Roni the great

    Alliance Diplomacy

    oh TKF is here guess his law career haven't lifted off, so he still lingers in this game making a huge fuss in every server he plays such a drama queen
  7. Roni the great

    Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    yo this needs an update, anyone ? trying to get up to grasps with whats going on in this server