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  1. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 7th Edition: VM week

    Hey, I am not going to be able to. I have an idea or two in mind but I still have not decided yet. 139 sadly is out of the question atm.
  2. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 7th Edition: VM week

    Thank you @SirNeo ! I try my best to keep this as neutral as it can be. I am happy people are enjoying my paper and it is bringing some life to externals.
  3. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 7th Edition: VM week

    Headlines Many Zoo players have entered VM Quality over Quantity have secured their win How much domination will QoQ acheive? There isn't much of a race right now in this world. Although the wars have calmed down QoQ are the winners of this world. Everyone is waiting for the domination period...
  4. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 6th Edition: Ghost Week

    I am happy that I can contribute and make the externals have action again!
  5. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 6th Edition: Ghost Week

    Headlines Mostly Virgins is effectively dead Quality over Quantity have secured a high percentage Zoo gain some members Virgins and what happened? On a blissful evening, the Smyrnians wake up to see virgins running around. This resulted in 4 groups: Joined Zoo Joined QoQ Remained in Virgins...
  6. Smyrna 5th Edition: The Fight For Smyrna Starts

    Headlines Zoo and Virgins hug it up QoQ start the fight for Smyrna QoQ are everywhere Zoo are falling further and further Note: Sorry for this week's paper, it will be shorter and is a bit later than usual. I just had a hectic week in real life and couldn't spend much time... Thanks for...
  7. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 4th Edition: Chaose ensues in Smyrna

    Thanks for the list Aldo, I can understand why you chose most of them from your team (you know them best). I can agree with multiple names on the list. Anyone else wanna give it a try?
  8. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 4th Edition: Chaose ensues in Smyrna

    Headlines Zoo falls apart then gets most of its members back A big number of players ghost and some quit The founder of Brown Sugar Remix leaves the alliance Brown Sugar Remix rises to 2nd place then falls back to 3rd Quality over Quantity and Mostly Virgins are the only stable alliances Outlaws...
  9. Epic Gamer Moments
  10. Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    Maybe as a community we should branch out. I am sure not all of us are native English speakers and not all from the UK, if a couple of us go and communicate with the other grepolis communities and see if the actually want to merge servers we won't be only 1/20 servers asking for a global server...
  11. Epic Gamer Moments
  12. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 3rd Edition

    Headlines Zoo animals running wild Quantity over Quality snatch first place Brown Sugar proves they are a top alliance Virgins is a refugee establishment? Some Outlaws have made their way through to Smyrna War Scores: Zoo-Hell Boys 40-2 Zoo-Outlaw Nation 3-0 QoQ- Zoo 46-0 QoQ-Hell Boys 26-0...
  13. A Short And Sound Plan To Save Grepolis

    I do agree with the general idea BLG is trying to say. Introducing new mechanics that increase interaction and make new players enjoy the game. Especially if they drop in casual worlds, things like fortifications or different kinds of bandits can help them learn the game a bit more deeply before...
  14. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper: First week out of BP!

    All good now sorry to make you all wait.
  15. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper: First week out of BP!

    Sorry, I Published it by mistake. I will continue working on it and post the full version.
  16. Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper: First week out of BP!

    Headlines Spartans take a this is Sparta kick into oblivion Hell Boys falling into hell Quality over Quantity catching up to zoo while having 10 fewer players Zoo is going wild and maintaining their first position in fighter rankings Still A Virgin have been tainted War Scores: Zoo-UKIP 9-1...
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  18. Newspaper Pre-BP Newspaper

    Headlines Beginner's protection ends tomorrow for most Zoo and Quality over Quantity hold their positions for most of the BP Still a Virgin rocket from 8th to 3rd in a day Introductory Analysis: This world will be very interesting because of the multiple premade drops. Usually worlds have...
  19. EN 138

    Yup, will release on the last day of BP which is in 2 days!
  20. Epic Gamer Moments

    As lead journalist for this world i'll gladly do that.