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  1. Vikings = Embarrassing

    I've never seen an alliance with such an obvious advantage over everyone around them, be so incompetent and play with such a pathetic play style. Who have they been attacking to reach Rank 1 for ABP? All we see them do is pick off members I've kicked and stack our inactives preventing us from...
  2. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    LEEJG was an A-hole, disliked that guy
  3. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    We have no deals with Vikings, nor any alliance for that matter.
  4. Increasing playerbase

    As someone who's not played for 10 years, logging back in to see the same UI as 2011 was surprising, I don't mind it as it's familiar but not sure how first timers feel about, even in 2011 it looked like Runescape. I'd be interested in knowing the average age of players, do these type of games...
  5. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    Great map, which site do you use? Can someone explain what But Woman Never Wing means? ='D
  6. Where are the Goats?

    I haven't found anyone here, I reached out to some outside of Grep, an turns out most of us ended up working in Tech, unsurprisingly ='D
  7. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    How sad
  8. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    Anyone warring atm?
  9. Where are the Goats?

    That's quite a while ago! I did the same thing at one point, gets very confusing =D Do you have any mates from then still playing?
  10. Where are the Goats?

    Looks like forums are dead nowadays. Is anyone in this world from the early worlds? I started in Rho, played Tau and Delphi from memory.
  11. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    What's the last world you played?
  12. Trapezus Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Baudin, don't tell me you're still a mod here after 10 years?