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  1. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    I very much agree if not even 3 months if you could announce the next 2 worlds coming out early it would make planning for the worlds easier for the players that like certain worlds. This is suppose to be a strategy game also players planning for what worlds they want to play should be part of...
  2. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Agree with everything here my favorite worlds have been slower worlds gives you time outside game to focus on family and I favor a speed two but everyone has different opinions. Cant please everyone release a fast people still got something to complain about, release a slow people still complain...
  3. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Message me if anyone has any premades that will be joining this world. Looking to return to Grepolis for one more world.
  4. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Same any premades let me know. Contact me.
  5. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Good luck and have fun anyone joining.
  6. TheLastKnight

    Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 3rd Edition

    Good Newspaper not playing the world but seems to be some good fights. Cant wait for the next one.
  7. TheLastKnight


    Good luck to you and welcome to the game.
  8. TheLastKnight

    In loving memory: MozzyLee

    I never had the privilege to play with MozzyLee but I did hear about how great of a player she was and how well respected she was by a lot of the Grepolis community. Rest Easy Mozzy.
  9. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Pylos Discussion Thread

    +1 Alliance cap is really low it should be at least 45+.
  10. TheLastKnight

    Speed 1 server

    Next world will be speed 4 conquest so maybe a slow world after that one so I would be guessing around 3-4 months. Unless they decide otherwise may be longer.
  11. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Kepoi Discussion Thread

    Looks like interesting world let me know if any teams joining are recruiting willing to make a return for high speed.
  12. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Bassae Discussion Thread

    If it is disabled on sieges why not just disable it in general it would make a lot more players want to play.
  13. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Bassae Discussion Thread

  14. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Asine Discussion Thread

    Great settings I’ll be looking to join this world if any premades are recruiting players pm me I’d love to tak.
  15. TheLastKnight

    Update to Version 2.220 Discussion Thread

    Agree with Bacon here that’s the only reason they keep the game afloat if they don’t have people spending money on gold then what’s the point of keeping a game running.
  16. TheLastKnight

    Looking to Join EN 127 Olympus world Pre-made

    I am also looking to join a premade if anyone has one that is recruiting please contact me.
  17. TheLastKnight

    Turn off morale Yes/No?

    Let’s the fun begin ;)
  18. TheLastKnight

    Pre-World Neapolis Discussion Thread

    Looking for a premade or group of people joining I am wanting to make return to the game.