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  1. Must Ban Gold use

    I was doing it to get ahead of the curve. I think it's stupid to ban gold or limit it or anything.
  2. Must Ban Gold use

    but then you're talking about coding and stuff that isn't feasible, I don't think, don't know I don't code. I get it not every country dollar is the same or currency but still there is a chance there. When I first started to play this game back on like world 2 or 3 i was a high school student...
  3. Must Ban Gold use

    Because why not. Surprise no one has already started this thread. I think it's **** you're wanting to limit something that is available to everyone as well bring money into the business that runs the game. Just my two cents.
  4. Top 12 Top 12!

    Your alliance had a Pact or at least an agreeance with Cuddles so we wouldn't hit you and you guys wouldn't bother us. So saying you guys got picked on by Cuddles is a false statement
  5. The next to disband

    What did I do? I've been reading and not participating. I got caught with my pants around my ankles. No need to bring it in. I know I fucked up on that. I was salty but at the same time you caught me off. It happens. You took away from me a good bit of time of building them up. But I...
  6. The next to disband

    You say that but James was more then willing to take over our alliance to help you guys out. That was always the offer.
  7. The next to disband

    I don't know why you guys are obsess with what Fortis was doing or not doing and where we went. **** happens. Nothing was ever promised. People went to different alliances. Cuddles just happened to take a few of us that applied. Would you guys have taken anyone?
  8. Top 12 Top 12!

    That was 2 or 3 weeks ago not that ancient. But you're right should focus on what's currently going on. This world for the most part is divided between two Coalitions. Which i did not see coming at the start.
  9. Top 12 Top 12!

    Zoeicole rage quiting? Doesn't ring a bell? I know you guys remember her.
  10. Top 12 Top 12!

    What i was thinking. Always talking **** about everyone but him and his coalition is so great and never falter. never mind that we made their number 1 player, number 6 in the server rage quit within 12 hours.
  11. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    I'm with you on fighting alongside my friends till the end.
  12. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    And good luck with yours. And I had no part in the merging of alliances. Only recently became a council member and looking to fix things. But looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield my guy.
  13. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    The whole Fortis ordeal was explained but I honestly don't remember why it's called that. We are in the process of dropping simmers and people not helping. **** happens we grew and needed more sister alliances but that's getting fixed in due time. Meanwhile I'm looking at our conquests and...
  14. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    we going to get another update?
  15. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    Right we are struggling? Hence why we are in the Top 5 and you're barely scraping by in the top 10?
  16. L4Alliance

    Too bad Red/WA isn't closer to me so i can start taking their cities. Too bad they are in Ocean 44 and 45. Maybe someone out in that way can start taking their cities?
  17. Ban cheaters/golders

    Again i was active and anyone in there who paid attention could tell you that. I never made them the enemy they was an enemy before i joined. I tried to get the alliance to work with Fortis but you guys didn't want to. And no that alliance could never have been top 3. with too many...
  18. Ban cheaters/golders

    I was never inactive as a leader. I was very active. You went rogue and destroyed any sort alliance we had with other alliance because you wanted to act out. I left for the enemy to you but to me they was the smarter choice and still am. I'm still currently with them. Yeah i left the world...
  19. Ban cheaters/golders

    But judging by the paste few worlds that we have been in together, i'll give it a month before you start a fight with someone who you can't beat. Run to your alliance for help. Not get the help you need, lose a city. Blame the alliance, then completely restart if not quit the world altogether.
  20. The next to disband

    I just did a comparison of the list and yeah needs to be updated. several of the alliances that was on this list aren't anymore.