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  1. Zoltanicula

    En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    Great top 10 sink or swim Corvidaan. Rip Fin
  2. Zoltanicula

    Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    Turns out... 136 might have just been my favorite world.
  3. Zoltanicula

    Closed Grepolis Gods meet Queen Elizabeth II

    The queen has decided to invite Ares the god of war to dinner? Now that's an interesting proposal especially as he will be gifting the queen something extraordinary... Ares gift to the queen is to help her corgi's of course. He activates Spartans training which allows her corgi's on demand to...
  4. Zoltanicula

    In loving memory: MozzyLee

    Unfortunately I never got the privilege to play with Mozzy, but non the less my thoughts are with her entire family and friends right now. Lots of love from this end, she will never be forgotten within the Grepolis community <3