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  1. Pre-World Omfori Discussion Thread

    tbh i would have never expected that some players think slower worlds are more challenging then faster ones, what i find weird is that some ppl really think slower worlds are actually better because of playstyle more than because they can play without alarm and gold everything
  2. New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    it was easily fixable adding a button to queue all festivals, events and attacks arrival time in the old app
  3. Proposal VM in 1 server only

    if you can pop vmode on 1 world 1) it wouldnt change much 2) we might as well call it pussy mode
  4. Sink&Swim

    Can we just have 1 day at EN.146 without somebody A)LTS-ing the whole frontline cities B)Going vmode due to not being able to handle koany's pressure?
  5. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    slow and revolt... perfect settings for me! meet me in the battlefield!!!
  6. Pre-World Icaria Discussion Thread

    pls change it to no morale, 5 unit speed, 6 hr cq time and its perfect (without considering the alliance limit )
  7. Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    yes of course you botters say 18 attempts. maximum for me and mt pc is 6 ATTEMPTS you have no lag if you have 18 attempts so you have a no lag bot too... nice....
  8. Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    i wouldnt have shared the sniper strategy to everyone here in the externals
  9. The Story of Oricos

    also "this server is really toxic" is the new "these players are botters and noone listen to me when i say so"
  10. The Story of Oricos

    you cant find him because he is Corvidaan not CorRvidaan
  11. Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    here's what usually happens: player a times a cs on player b player b starts crying and calls out player a for botting --> player a start laughing because player b doesnt know what timing is and tries to explain him that it is actually possible without bot --> player b refuses to accept he is...
  12. Open Conquer a mod

    sounds fun!!! looking forward to participate in this challenge this is what i like about this game! also a great opportunity for non golders like me to have a chance to get some gold... if i win this challange i can finally play with commander, merchant and high priestess active :D
  13. Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    well what can i say.... inno accept bot :(
  14. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    speed 3 so slow... apparently it's funnier to watch cities grow than actually taking them
  15. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    pls small cap or you reward who plays for one month then starts simming
  16. Top 12 Alliances of Dokos

    Rumours say the unpredictable happened. The well known player for his longevity, calmness, good teammate with 0 drama, ifoundacake, has rage-quit for the first time in his grepo career :(
  17. I wish this game was cool again…

    no please taking cities becomes boring and founding will be the only way of growing. 6/6, 5/5, 4/4
  18. I wish this game was cool again…

    tl, dr disclaimer: if you think aphro and ares (new ares not the first released ares) are the reasons ppl leave the game, you can skip this message because you wouldn't understand probably 10 years ago worlds were slow (nuff said) since fast worlds are the only worlds playable, some simmers...
  19. ban leech

    withdraw all supports from siege we dont want to lose troops @KIITY