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  1. Corrupt or incompetent

    I honestly dont care about when WW's start and if you look at the actual game it's Cuddles that have been doing most of the manipulating and delaying of late. I was just reporting the issue here for the reasons mentioned in the above posts. Glad to see that even when I dont have both you and...
  2. Corrupt or incompetent

    Technically it DIDNT recalculate the way it SAID it would as both your and my screenshots clearly show that it was written -the target score will no longer be recalculated-. However, no need to cry over spilt milk. Maybe have a chat between your mods before one of them replies to a ticket...
  3. Corrupt or incompetent

    Thanks finally for the explanation that i have been searching for for days now that another mod was unable to provide. So, if corruption is taken of the table it means there was only a blatant case of incompetence firstly by the game or developers to provide the info you gave above in a clear...
  4. Corrupt or incompetent

    delaying ww has been a tactic used by many alliances in many worlds. With the new WW rules being put in place in all new WW worlds, that wont be an issue any more. That is not the problem here. The problem isn't whether alliances were trying to delay or not. It's that one day after the...
  5. Corrupt or incompetent

    In the current world I'm playing there has been either a huge break of the rules by mods or Ino, or a complete lack of competence to admit and deal with an issue. When the time arrived for a new WW activation target to be recalculated, the actual score and target score were extremely close thus...
  6. The death of OV

    Just so you know, you have been officially reported for slander and false accusations. I never bullied anyone so id love to see these so called screenshots you talk about, especially as according to you there is a minor involved. Also, if you question my qualifications again, the medical board...
  7. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    You should change your name to would be more appropriate
  8. Milestones Congratulations to OCEANS VETERANS

    Who? BB? Yeah we know...they got beaten at everything...hahahahahaha
  9. Milestones Congratulations to OCEANS VETERANS

    Just so there is no debate on boosting...;)