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  1. dianices

    Pre-World Zaforas

    any chance people will sell more gold?
  2. dianices

    Pre-World Thassos Discussion Thread

    wouldn't be the first crew to go through that, won't be the last. welcome to the bureaucracy of gaming, lmao
  3. dianices

    Pre-World Velopoula Discussion Thread

    same day . . . . . . have fun guys. lord knows people need it
  4. dianices

    Pnp True Fear(Back Stabbers)

    @Mike 3rd i have plenty of friends and frienemies who change their tags regularly. i'm not saying you do or have, i'm just saying i don't see it as an issue either way. if somebody changes names they usually do it because of people who trolled them in the past, to keep them off their butt. just...
  5. dianices

    Spartans Assassins Where?

    yeah i was looking at the countdown, after i do the daily, whoopsie doodle
  6. dianices

    Spartans Assassins Where?

    it's happening on thassos now. the countdown to new set of spears works, but the spears aren't showing up
  7. dianices

    Pnp True Fear(Back Stabbers)

    i'm just here for the comments at the moment. i haven't caught up enough on the topic to have anything productive to add to the conversation. carry on. hi obie
  8. dianices

    Pre-World Thassos Discussion Thread

    i've played nearly every server inno cranked out. at this point i just play to play. no goals, no plans. it beats dealing with the nutjobs that live around me irl.
  9. dianices

    Looking for those ive played with in past

    that's okay, a lot of people have been swimming in the gaming ether a long time.
  10. dianices

    Top 12 Top 12

    i got bored with samos, moving on. see everyone in thassos
  11. dianices

    Pre-World Thassos Discussion Thread

    same day, same stuff. have fun everybody. and pigs are adorable
  12. dianices

    Top 12 EN155 Top 7 - Pre BP

    got an invite from mossad twice. read their intro. from the look of it, they have an issue with spenders. are they under the impression spenders care about their opinion, let alone take the time to read it? i don't spend, and while others play for ranks, etc, i just play for the socials and...
  13. dianices

    Please ban gold at world start

    there's a few players in every game who abuse the privilege of spending. most people who spend don't simply dump cash out of sheer boredom and no desire to make time to play. Gaming is supposed to be fun, but spenders who abuse things like gold often grief otherwise positive gaming experience...
  14. dianices

    Pre-World Poros Discussion Thread

    juuuust looking for familiar faces, don't mind me, carry on.
  15. dianices

    Script DIO-TOOLS-David1327

    yeah i don't think that's in the list of tools allowed. CRIGL
  16. dianices

    En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Didn't read anything, no idea what the thread's about. so uh....lot of -os worlds lately, sup with that?
  17. dianices

    top 12 sink or swim

    If Monty Python were on drugs for real
  18. dianices

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    all i have to say on this is, i always run into the crap crews, or ones that use whatever crew i'm in like a dumpster. i never seem to have any luck finding the good ones. i play solo because of that. i just gave up on them.
  19. dianices

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    it won't matter much. every world i play, i always end up in the worst crews. and then bail the first day. some things are just painfully obvious
  20. dianices

    Trash Talk

    Sharks with frickin lasers attached to their heads, or, you know, enraged sea bass