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    He doesn't have enough room in his basement to be awesome at dancing
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    You can have fun, but don't use in game mechanics that everyone can use but some think it's unethical or not in the spirit of the game. Oh and definitely don't spend any money, even though you can, don't do it cos if you do and win it means you aren't a very good person or player.
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    That explains a lot, thanks
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    Lol whatever helps you sleep at night champ
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    Im talking about your obsession with this group of people, it's not normal dude.
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    Take a break dude, these guys are clearly consuming a lot of your head space, and have been for seemingly years now. It isn't healthy or normal
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    Hahah You take a week to come up with that reply or you just re reading forums hahah Ps if you don't have offense in front line cities you shouldn't have front line cities
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    Tells people to look up words Yet, doesn't know the meaning of words himself Hahahaha
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    Awww how cute, master spy found someone to talk to
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    Haha this guy having a conversation with himself
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    Surely your spy network could have worked it out for you?
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    So many tears from you all the time...can't be that bad if you still playing
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    The guy too scared to reveal his name telling others they are scaredy cats haha classic
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    Telling people to man up and admit something when you can't even admit who you are in game, definition of hypocrisy that is hahaha I bet you never even won a world let alone been a top fighter. We should call you scardey spy
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    Hahahahaha you make it sound as though being significant is a good thing hahaha
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    You still here acting like you the beez knees of everything grepo. Get another hobby champ
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    Haha might need to start charging me rent judging by the amount of time I'm living in your head....
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    This right here, clearly shows you have no idea lol
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    Pay to win at its finest. Funny how the ones using the golden nukes are only ones saying it isn't the golden nukes. Well done for farming it all, I'd do the same if I had farmed all that gold. But if y'all think it's fun playing AGAINST it then you are Cray cray But haha jimmy ghosted again...
  20. New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    Unusable, too many reasons to list, most of which stated above. I'll be finally quiting once old app is decommissioned. So probably should say thanks.