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  1. The Story of Asine

  2. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

  3. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    you men with fast mouth words only to look fools like you are)) maybe you do more research, instead the game play))) new talent in the world has arrived))) watch out for our ocean arsonists)))
  4. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    What are you talking about?
  5. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    For a skype user, you do seem to have a fascination with discord...
  6. Next World

    I agree with everything there but it cannot be CQ. Only revolt speed 4/4 dom. @Baudin Toolan @Hydna thank you
  7. The Story of Asine

    Who am I?
  8. Unable to open Note

    So what do i do then? How long is this going to be an issue?
  9. Premade for next conquest world

    ummmmmmmm can i join? i am really good player. I promise i use alarm. I promise ive been playing for more than 3 years. I promise- what were the other criteria?
  10. The Story of Asine

    @yomi yori are you bucks? I have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, run amuck, and flat out deceived!
  11. The Story of Asine

    AYYYYYY IM THE GREATEST @NutsNBoltz @Slothbozeman
  12. The Story of Asine

    dude, leave him alone, all he wants to do is sim and rant on the externals like a real man. I'm sure he will come back with some smart answer about how great he is and how he can take on the Russians solo cuz, you know, his name is THE RAWR.
  13. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    See you in the trenches. Fiasco for another win
  14. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    How can you disrespect the Union like this? This is totally unacceptable. Please back up your claims with FACTS and EVIDENCE.
  15. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

  16. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Golden horde? Never heard of them. You sure they play in 129?
  17. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Yes mama, you can bend me over if you wish xxxxx